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In process – need color advice!

It’s been two years since I last moved, and I had almost forgotten how long it takes to get things in place!  We have everything now, and we are in the process of putting things away.  I am preparing to begin my work, starting with stripping the wallpaper (only one layer I think) in the parlor and the foyer, and then painting those rooms.  I have changed my color palette for the house quite a bit.  All the woodwork in the house, except for the kitchen and bathroom, is natural wood.  The PO (previous owner’s) stripped the woodwork, but never really got around to finishing, so after painting I will stain and seal the wood.  Natural woodwork really looks different against paint colors, so I’ve decided to go with a craftsman look, using a lot of the colors in the Sherwin Williams Arts and Crafts palette.

I’m painting the parlor a deep berry color (Behr Delicious Berry) but I’m totally stuck on what to paint the foyer.  The dining room will be the 2nd color in the third row of the color card above – sort of a medium blue green.  The foyer contains a beautiful green tile fireplace, but what color to paint the walls?  The POs added a chair rail (which I do not like and will probably remove) and were clearly of the idea that light colors would make the house brighter, which hasn’t worked – this house needs rich color to come alive.

The ceilings are also paneled in the foyer and parlor, which I love.

The infamous fireplace, looking into the dining room.

The rooms are not as connected as they look here – there are a set of pocket doors in the way, as well as a stairwell.  Right now I’m thinking about either a darker blue, a hunter green, or a deep red for this room.  I was thinking neutral, but I now own sample pots of every single neutral under the sun, and they all look dingy in this room, which most of the day gets little natural light.  The foyer is large (11’x16′) and will be used as the waiting room for my piano studio, so the color in here matters.  I know I seem anxious, but oh my gosh I hate that awful salmon color it’s painted right now!

I want a warm rich feeling… any ideas?  This has really been driving me crazy every time I walk through this room!