Not a good day

This morning we had to be out of the house at 8:30 with all three cats so that there could be a house inspection on our condo.  I barely made it to my Mom’s with the cats when I got a call that I was going to have to go into work (in theory I am off on Thursdays, although not so much lately) because the time sheets I thought were due tomorrow were due today (chalk it up to much stress this week, I am usually organized!)  Marc had to drive me because I’ve injured one of my eyes and can’t see well enough to drive.

We returned from that and had our final walk through on the new house.  We get the final statement of our closing costs, which are a ridiculous amount higher than we were told we would need earlier in the week (tens of thousands higher.)  Then we find out that apparently we were not informed by our loan officer that they will not release funds for 3 business days, so we are not to get possession until Wednesday.  And this is a legitimate bank, you wouldn’t think they would be pulling this, but… we can afford it and will get the funds back when our condo closes, but still… I feel we were deceived, and we do not know yet when we will be able to move, we are negotiating (we have movers scheduled for Saturday, but it’s uncertain yet whether that will happen or not.)

Finally, I am stressed about work.  There are changes, and I am really afraid of my position being cut back.  I may be just being paranoid, but… it has not been a good day, so I am entitled.

I tried to take a nap but I couldn’t… so much stress.