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World’s largest fan deck and inspiration.

We have our closing date (July 11th) and now we have scheduled our movers (July 12th) so it’s all seeming very real!  In just a little over 2 weeks we will be in our new home.  Meanwhile, I have become slightly obsessed with decorating.  It’s funny, when we were looking at houses we would occasionally see one that was newly remodeled and I would think “Oh, I don’t want that… I want to choose my own kitchen/bath/flooring and I would never choose that!”  We ended up just where I wanted – with a house that needs very little structural work (just the attic, and that’s Marc’s domain.)  I get the fun job of choosing colors and fixtures without having to do major work. It’s possible that I used to really want to be an interior decorator.

It’s also possible that I got a bunch of paint samples and painted big pieces of foamcore board, even though it will be 2 weeks before I can stick them up in the new house.  I have learned my lesson about not seeing colors under artificial lighting after our current kitchen.  The colors from Left to right are for: Kitchen, above the chair rail in the foyer, dining room, below stair rail in the foyer, piano room, bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and the three colors to be used in the upstairs hallway, foyer, and living room (these areas are all open and will require some creative ideas in order to make it look like they are separate from each other.)

The kitchen color is not quite right, it’s a bit too flat looking and too minty.  I was inspired for a kelly green kitchen by Domino magazine, so I’m going to use the color they used, Direct Green by Sherwin Williams.

I’ve actually gotten quite a few paint colors from Domino.  The first pitcture below is the color I’m using for the bathroom (BM Waterfall,) and the 2nd is for the living room (that room is kind of dark, so it needs light colors, and this shows 2 rooms next to each other like mine, although I am not using the same color brown, mine is more gray/taupe.)

I like all my choices, although I’m going to try a few more colors for the piano room to decide whether I want to go more purple or more blue with the color.  That room (and the foyer) have coffered ceilings (see a similar example here) so I really need to see the colors up against the wood.  This is in fact a concern throughout – because the woodwork is natural in all the rooms except the kitchen and bathrooms, the colors look very different from the way they look up against the white woodwork you always see in magazines.

Painting is my favorite bit of decorating, because it makes the biggest immediate difference.

Ah well – right now I’m just playing, who knows what will happen after we move in!  Some of the colors are bound to change. I had a dream last night that it all fell through at the last minute, so I need to distract myself.

I hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly!  Once we move in I will be able to tackle my lists for each room and the exterior.  How I love crossing things off my list!

I have also been crocheting on both my cardigan and my blanket.  I hope to finish the blanket by the time we get the guest room set up (not until the attic is finished, so not for awhile.)  It looks great up against the lilac paint!

16 thoughts on “World’s largest fan deck and inspiration.

  1. I love looking at interior decorating pictures like that. I also LOVE walking through IKEA, looking at each ‘sample room’, thinking “Hey, that is an awesome sofa. I wish it came in green” or “Dude, that is the coolest bathroom! I need a shower curtain with fish on it, too!!”. I go nuts in IKEA. 😛 All the trinkets and squishy chairs and funny shelving systems… *sigh*

    I absolutely adore the first picture. I love green too, and a green kitchen sounds perfect!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the house! Soon I too will be in the paint game though I don’t have the nice wood to play off that you will. Because of geographic necessity we’re buying in a subdivision rather than the oh so cute and charming house I really want. Some of the paint companies have lists of colors that are supposed to work in a historic home. Also in my quest for one day an almost completely period craftsman home I’ve come across boutique paint companies that are essentially making the paint they used then. Anyway….

  3. I love that purple for your piano room. And I love your new ceilings, the whole house really. Love an old house! I can’t wait to see everything that you guys do. Congrats to you both.

  4. That shade of green for the kitchen is really popular in Philly for BYO restaurants (with dark wood tables), and it’s almost becoming a cliche–but i love, love, love it, and will most definitely do it whenever I have a real house. I’m so jealous of all your painting, and your choices look great!

  5. Fantastic palette! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of all the exciting changes you’ll make. You’ve got me out picking paint chips out too, painting is so rewarding. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  6. Congratulations! I love all of the colors you pick and I am looking forward to watching it all come together for you! I am tossing bunches and bunches of luck your way.

  7. I also love decorating, and painting is my favorite part. Beware, though, that a color you love in a magazine photo may look completely different on your walls. Everything from the lighting they used to take the picture to the editing to the lighting you have to the different accessories will dramatically change the way it really looks in your house. So no matter how much you love the look, test the paint color in your room just as you would any other sample color. You may find you need a completely different shade to get the look you love in the magazine. (Guess how I know!)

  8. I love watching other people transform interiors, especially when they aren’t afraid of colour! And I love old houses so I can’t wait to see what you get up to!

  9. You sound so excited! Congratulations, your new home will be delightful and I’m looking forward to see lots of photos. Please post more soon! 🙂

  10. One of my favorite parts is the picking of colors and the buying of new furniture, I really like the green. I spent the weekend picking out new furniture for our house I already picked the paint and I’m going with golds and greens.

  11. I used the same blue in my bedroom and bath and absolutely love it. I feel like I’m walking into a little slice of paradise each morning.

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