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You know how it is… you finally get one stress off your back (buying the house) and the next thing you know there are 50 more piling up on top of you.  In this case it’s work stress, so I can’t be specific, but I will say… I never have dealt well with confrontation.  I used to be really bad to cry when confronted with an angry person, but over time I’ve learned to at least delay the onset of my tears… but that doesn’t mean I like it, or that it doesn’t ruin my whole day.

Yes, I’m sensitive, I know… trust me when I say that being sensitive is generally not regarded as an asset.

This is my “Stress?  What stress?” yarn.  It’s Dream in Color Classy (worsted weight) in Happy Forest for the February Lady sweater. See, it even has “Happy” in the name! I decided that I loved the original so much that only a saturated green would do, and besides I only needed 3 skeins for my size.  The one on the right is clearly a little lighter, so I may need to alternate skeins.

Yesterday we had our home inspection.  The inspector loved the house, and only found a few small problems, all of which the sellers are going to address.  We also have an offer in on our condo, accepted pending inspection tomorrow(it’s a first time home buyer, so you never know how that’s going to go… the house we are buying had an earlier offer fall through because of lead paint, which is clearly a little nuts in a 110 year old house.)

I took a few more photos of the house while we were there, and I am so very excited.  We will be closing 3 days before my birthday!  I’m sure you’re all going to get very tired of seeing the house, but I’m so excited to get to work on it!

This is the main staircase with the foyer fireplace in the back.  This fireplace is what sold me on the house – how can you not love that beautiful green tile and the carving?  There are also original push button lights in here – I love them!

Looking into the backyard from the dining room.  You can kind of see how the floor in this room has a rug line.  Someday all these floors are getting refinished, but for now I will get a rug of my own!  I don’t care for this light fixture (it’s brass and won’t match my things) but it’s one of the nicer in the house.

This is 1/4 of the kitchen.  It’s really large (and I love that exposed brick!) The cabinets are ok, as are the counters.  Secretly I kind of like the kitchen.  I’m picturing it with bright walls and a black/white checkerboard floor (the current floor is really ugly vinyl tile.)  Our kitchen table is a silver formica table from the 50s, and our stove is a 1940s Chambers, so all together I think it could be cute.  Someday we may remodel, but I’m pleased.

The enormously fancy shower.  The floor in here is some pretty water damaged laminate, and the sink needs reglazing or replacing (I hate to replace the original sink.)  Even so, for an old house bathroom it’s fabulous (if not terrible period approprate.)

That’s enough boring my readers – there are lots more photos (with commentary) on my flickr account.

20 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Oh, boy. It’s so so beautiful! Congrats again. And good luck with the condo offer! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. P.S. I just looked at the Flickr photos of the house, and it is absolutely stunning. Congrats again! I can’t wait to see photos of your changes to it. I’m constantly dreaming of buying out first house, which won’t be for a while, and I’m having so much fun living vicariously through your plans 🙂

  3. Wow. Your new home is gorgeous! Sorry to hear you’re stressed. I am bad at confrontations too. I go out of my way to avoid them and the stress builds up inside me, and when a confrontation does happen I get all down and blame myself for not handling it differently. For what it’s worth, I think it’s an asset to be a sensitive person.

  4. The staircase would have sold me! It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see you add your personal touches. Try not to sweat the stressful situations and instead think of your wonderful new house. I, for one, will never get tired of seeing wonderful old homes given a new breath of life, so bring it on!

  5. The woodwork and fireplaces in your new home are incredible. Not boring at all, exciting and interesting! I can’t wait to see your changes and the transformation of the house into your home.

  6. Oh, please don’t stop posting pictures of the house! One of my other great passions is decorating and home projects. I just drool over that beautiful old house! I’ll never, ever have one like that myself, so please let me keep enjoying yours vicariously.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the staircase and dining room. What a project. I also bought the Happy Forest colourway to start the February Lady Sweater: looks like there’ll be quite a few matching cardigans floating around!

  8. It is so beautiful! Wow! You will dress it up nicely I am sure. Fingers crossed on the buyer. . . .hopefully things will work out.

    I hear ya on the sensitive thing. . .I get worked up with confrontation and take a lot personal. I don’t like having people mad at me . . .whether they are wrong or right. . I just can’t stand the bad karma. I have tried hard to work at realizing that I can’t please everyone but that isn’t easy to swallow. Most of the time, it just takes time to let it go.

  9. I love all the carving, and hardwood floors make me swoon!

    Congrats on your first house!

    Oh yeah, I covet your DIC

  10. I love old houses we looked for one in the area that we are now building in but there wasn’t any. So I’m building a new house that looks like an old 1930’s craftman. Good luck with the new house!

  11. No, don’t stop posting pictures of the house! They are all beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how you decorate/renovate! I love all the antique details, but I do hear you on the chandelier.

  12. Sorry about your work stresses! I am exactly the same about confrontation… there are always tears, it’s just a question of when.
    I LOVE your yarn and fireplace and carved wood bits! Congratulations 🙂

  13. Congrats on your house, it is stunning and, I feel, perfect for you!!

    I don’t deal well with confrontation either. Especially not if I’m the one doing the confronting. I often get angry and my emotions spill out all over the place, and I end up crying and not making any sense. Obviously, not something you ought to do where you work. 😉 I guess it just takes practice; not letting the other person work you up, placing an imaginary wall between you and him/her… Still, I hate it!
    Hmm, I actually remembered something – it helps me to tell the other person that it doesn’t help our situation that they get angry and yell at me. It’s pretty hard and could backfire, resulting in the other person getting even more angry, but I find that sometimes it helps them relax a bit, they apologize, and we work out the problem together.

    Hope it wasn’t too bad. 🙂 That yarn is totally deserved!!! And so gorgeous, too. I want to knit the Feb. sweater too, but am on a yarn budget right now… 😦

  14. Love it and love that fireplace! I’ll be casting on for the February Lady Sweater as well, hopefully tonight! That project has caught on like crazy! Congrats on the house.

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