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Learning from your knitting

It’s safe to say that I’m a product knitter – I make things because I want to wear them, and I am not satisfied without a steady stream of FOs.  Even so, I won’t choose a project that contains elements that I know will drive me crazy – no stockinette sweaters in fingering weight for instance (at least not until Marc gets me the knitting machine I’ve asked for!)  Sometimes though… sometimes the love of a sweater will outweigh a technique I don’t enjoy.  I did not know before I started the Printed Silk cardigan that I don’t enjoy making twisted stitches.  I should have guessed, since I also don’t enjoy lots of small cables in a garment, and since I failed utterly making a pair of socks with twisted stitches (firestarter socks.)  But I didn’t, and I have now resorted to bribing myself with a new sweater’s worth of yarn in order to get it finished.

It’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished, but I still have one more piece with twisted stitches and one sleeve in 1×1 rib to go.  I’m a little worried about running out of yarn, since I can’t find one of the balls I bought… I hope it didn’t go into storage with my wintery yarns!

The current sweater of my obsession is the February Lady Sweater by Flint Knits.  Love this, and not just because it’s green!

I’m not sure what I want to knit it in… definitely a semi-solid I think, doesn’t garter stitch look fabulous in a semi-solid?  I’m trying to reign in the yarn budget right now, with the possibility of us having to carry 2 mortgages for a few months if our condo doesn’t sell soon… but then again, if we don’t move soon I’m going to use up the yarn I have here and have to buy more.  I’m thinking of using DIC Classy, although I think it is pricey.  I also thought of malabrigo, but to be honest I want something more durable – my malabrigo sweater is awfully fuzzy looking. Any other suggestions?

This sweater also reminded me of another that I wanted to make.. the Millie Cardigan from Vintage Crochet. There are a few cute finished sweaters on Ravelry, and they helped to revive my interest in this swing cardigan, which is another grown-up version of the baby sweater.

I would use ribbon instead of the fabric strips here, and I would downsize it significantly (it’s a 38″ in the small.)  It calls for Cashmerino Aran, but I’m not feeling that.  There’s a beautiful one done in Rowan Purelife on Ravelry.  I’m thinking of using a similar DK weight yarn to help with the downsizing – perhaps Blue Sky Skinny cotton?  There’s a soft blue color that I have been dying to use for something.  If I stick with an aran weight yarn I will go with a wool because cotton would be too heavy.

Continuing on the crochet vein, I got the Summer Interweave Crochet in the mail yesterday.  I am very pleased with this issue, which is great because the last 2 issues left me cold and I was thinking of dropping my subscription. It just proves again my theory… I love my winter and fall knits magazines and my spring/summer crochet.  There are some great projects here, many with an emphasis on filet crochet, something I have been interested in trying out.

I love the tiny row of buttons on the camisole, and the front is adorable as well.  I also love this stole, which solves one of my recent questions (“Why are crochet shawls always knit with chunky yarn when crochet makes a chunkier fabric to start with?”)  This is knit with 2 skeins of Helen’s Lace, but I would sub something cheaper (maybe gloss lace… wouldn’t that be lovely here in the nice mermaidy blue color?)  Although the size of the thing is intimidating, I have no idea how fast filet would go.

The pattern I’m most likely to start soon is this lovely cardigan.

It’s not the best photo, and I don’t think it looks good over that shirt, so here is a link to the designer wearing the sweater on Ravelry.  Yes, it is again that loose tied cardigan shape, although this one is not swingy.  I love the bobbles.  I secretly love crocheted bobbles, as long as there aren’t too many.  I think this is adorable.  It’s crocheted in GGH Mystik, a DK weight cotton/viscose blend that I think it stupid pricey for what it is.  I’m considering subbing either Garnstudio Cotton Viscose or Elann Luna.  Does anyone have any comment on either of those yarns?  I’m sure they will be splitty, as apparently GGH Mystik is, but I really want to keep the shine and drape of the viscose, so I can deal.

I wear my cardigans so much more than my pullovers – that’s why I make so many cardis.  I love to wear layers!

We had a showing this morning at 9 am, so I took Marc to work and brought Leon along for a ride.  Poor kitty… after being in the carrier at least once a day for 2 weeks he’s starting to look at me with deep suspicion.

He spends most of his time on the mantle, which for once is clear of stuff.  Perhaps he feels that he has a better chance of seeing me coming with the cage.  I had to take this photo because I thought he was so sweet with his tail hanging down!

13 thoughts on “Learning from your knitting

  1. I’m using Elann Luna for my current WIP, the Wallis cardi. It’s very soft and drapey, though a bit splitty, and the yarn is not very resilient. Overall, I like it and I’d use it again.

  2. ohh, sleeping mantel kitty. So cute 🙂

    How about Araucania Nature Wool or Nature Cotton for the Feb. Lady Sweater? It has some great semi-solid kettle-dyed colors and seems more durable than Malabrigo and cheaper than DIC. The wool is not as soft, but it’s a swingy cardigan, so it probably wouldn’t matter. Someone at my knitting group was making a Wicked with this beautiful gray-lavender Nature Wool color and I fell in love with it.

    I’m thinking of making one with some tan-colored organic colorgrown cotton.

  3. I feel your pain — the twisted stiches on my son’s Sherwood sweater just about killed me. Your cardigan will be lovely, though!

  4. The February Lady Sweater is also an obsession of mine. I love the semi solid original and would love to find the same kind of green. I look forward to finding out what you decide on.


  5. I printed the pattern for the Feb. Lady Sweater yesterday and was considering yarns. I’d thought about dying my own since I’d failed to find a semi-solid that wasn’t ridiculously priced. I just checked out the Araucania Nature Wool and the colors are LOVELY – I think I may have to try it out! (I have a little one and limited time though so I may keep an eye out for yours before I decide for sure!) 🙂

  6. I love that bobbled crocheted cardi. I think I’m too thick around the middle, plus too short of a torso, to carry it off – it sure looks like it’d be fun to make though.

  7. I love all of those patterns, but I think the difference between my bust and waist is too big for any of them to work. They’ll look really cute on you, though. Can’t wait to see the finished results.

  8. Delurking a bit here. I’ve only knitted with Garnstudio’s cotton viscose, but I haven’t found it terribly splitty. I haven’t crocheted with it though, but I’d definitly give it a try! Because the cardigan is really beautiful, and it would look great in cotton viscose, I think.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Now my queue is getting longer! I especially love the February sweater and the crochet camisole!

  10. I don’t know if this will help, but have you tried Addi Turbo lace needles or other more pointed needles for the twisted stitches? It’s looking great anyway – will be totally worth it!

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