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Holding patterns

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again… knitting has not taught me patience the way that everyone assumes.  For instance, it seems as though the printed silk cardi is very slow to knit.

I’ve knit the left front, one sleeve, and half the back, so I’m about 50% done, although I’m just starting the diamond pattern on the back, and it seems like that’s going to be very slow.  I do really love the way it’s coming out though, so I will try to have more patience!  All that 1×1 rib on the sleeves really killed my wrists, although they are very nicely fitted!

I cannot work on the diamond pattern at work (too busy) so I started a pair of socks in plain stockinette.

This is Yarn Pirate sock in the Neopolitan colorway.  I bought it ages ago, but I was convinced that it would pool.  Fortunately it’s striping nicely, so I should have pretty ice cream colored socks!

This morning I sat with Leon for an hour at the coffee shop (we were outside) while the house was being shown.  There is another showing tonight, but I will be at work, so that’s Marc’s responsibility!   I’m trying to ignore negative feedback that isn’t helpful.  Our condo is laid out like a shotgun house, (I love the most of the photos on the wiki article are from Louisville!) which means that one of the bedrooms is a walkthrough from the front door.  This is a challenge, but it isn’t something we can change.

Patience again… I need some.  I know I’m a little crazy here, but if I am anything it’s a worrier!

Thanks for the feedback on my color choices!  I want to be clear that there are neutrals in the house, grays and various browns that you can see in the big fan of colors, I just didn’t photo them because they aren’t as interesting!  I’m still undecided on the chairs, but I’m waiting because I want to refinish the table they go with (it has multiple white spots, I think the finish was not so good.)

10 thoughts on “Holding patterns

  1. You can often get rid of white spots on finished wood furniture by smearing the spots with a generous coat of mayonnaise and letting it sit for several hours or overnight before wiping the mayo off. I know it sounds weird; my mom used this method all the time when I was a kid, and it usually works.

  2. I’m really loving the Printed Silk Cardigan more with every picture you show. That color is so nice that I might just copycat it for my own! Yours is turning out beautifully.

  3. I love the sweater its going to be lovely. I’ve been working on the Central Park Hoodie and its coming along slowly because of all the other knitting I’ve needed to do, baby sweater , socks, and etc. I think if your a true knitter you need three items on needles going at once.

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  5. I can understand your needing to take a break from that pattern and work on socks. Socks are relaxing and fun.

    I have just mastered knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles. If you love to knit socks….this is the way to go.

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