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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed my obsession with color. And not just any colors – bright saturated colors. I generally only like neutrals insofar as they make the brights pop (chocolate brown is the exception, and lately I do like gray a bit.) Forced out of my house yesterday by a house showing, I went to the knit nook and spent the yarn credit I had saved up.

This is Mountain Colors bearfoot to make Tempest from Knitty.  The colors in real life (magenta and lupine) are less vibrant, but I turned up the contrast to show the pretty olive greens in with the purple.  I love bearfoot, but I don’t like it as much for socks (too fuzzy.)  It’s a little heavier than the yarn called for, but it should work out – I won’t be getting to this til close to fall anyway, so I’d like a warmer version.  Lupine will be the main color with magenta as the contrast.  I hope it looks nice and not insane!

Today, driven again by my love of color, I went to the paint store and picked up sample cards for the new house (the house is pretty much entirely pink right now, and that is going to have to go.)

Colors are all by Benjamin Moore, because I love their aura paint.

I love the kitchen color (the bottom color here.)  I wanted a bright kelly green, and I think this will work!

The entryway and dining room will share these colors – gray in the dining room and one of the two teals below the chair rail in the entry.

I want a dramatic color for the music room, so I thought about dark raspberry.  This room also has a chair rail, and it will be painted white on the bottom.  I am torn between the two top colors on the left card, and the middle color on the middle card.

One of these colors will be the bathroom and one the bedroom.  The rooms are not attached, I just like blue-greens.  I’m leaning towards the aqua for the bedroom and waterfall in the bath, but I’m not sure.  I have a friend who painted her bedroom the aqua shade and it’s gorgeous!

I want purple in my craft room (which is also the guest room.)  My favorite is the dark lilac, the top shade on the far right.  I prefer my purples with some gray mixed in to make them less grapey.

The living room (which is upstairs) and hallways upstairs will be nice neutral chocolatey browns, so that you aren’t going straight from one color to another.  Fortunately, in addition to loving color I love to paint, so I will take this one room at a time.  Anyway, we won’t be in the house for at least a month, probably a bit longer, so I have time to plan (and I love to plan, it keeps me from going crazy with worry!)

In the name of avoiding the “what if something happens” worry I am also planning on recovering my dining room chairs.

I like the table set well enough, but this fabric is deadly dull.  I’ve wanted to change it since we bought it (2 years ago!) but I didn’t want it to clash with our next house.  Our current dining room has red walls, which I have slowly grown to dislike (you have really decorate around the red, and it makes the pretty cherry table look bland.)  I’m going to go with gray in the new house.  That rug is also going, since it’s nearly completely worn out, so I don’t have to worry about matching it.

I love Amy Butler fabric, and I’m thinking about using this pattern for the chairs, although I’m undecided about color as yet.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Color!

  1. Oh, man. This is such an exciting post! I think we share similar opinions of color; I find myself drooling over bright wall paint (our apartment is all neutrals, which is better than white, but we’re not allowed to paint either). I really love that middle, fuschia color you’re considering for your music room. I imagine that looking amazing with a piano. I also really love the dark lilac you chose. I wanted to repaint my bedroom when I was in college, and that’s what I wanted. It reminds me of that grayish purple on blueberries.

    These are all going to look amazing! I also really love the very bright blue for the bedroom, with the paler blue for the bathroom. My aunt has painted her bathroom a very bright orange, and in a small space it’s a little overwhelming; plus, it’s tough to get ready in there in the morning, as the bright bright color in so small a space tends to reflect on your skin and clothes.

    That’s my input (did you ask for it? Sorry, I’m excited!).

  2. For the bathroom, I’d definitely go with the aqua one, not the waterfall one — everyone looks better in bluer colours, and bathroom mirrors are where everyone checks themselves out the most. My bathroom is a high gloss medium french blue, and it makes everyone look amazing, I’ve got a pinkish, very pale complexion with pinkish undertoned dark chestnut hair, and my best friend, he’s chinese, and he looks great in there as well.

    Something to remember with the kitchen is that A) you’re going to want high gloss to make cleaning the walls easier and also to reflect lighting and B) if you’re painting ALL the walls the one colour, and maybe even the ceiling (I love doing the ceiling the same colour, I love intense hues and saturations and doing the ceiling the same colour just adds intensity and all that good stuff), you’re going to want to choose one shade or two shades lighter than the initial colour you think you want, simply because all walls the same colour makes it “read” darker visually than you think it will. And it’s easier to go over it with the darker colour if you’re not happy with it, than it is to go over it with a lighter one if you’re not happy with it.

    I like the middle middle magenta for the music room, the purple, IMO, will come off very dark and “gothic”, and while there ain’t nothin wrong with goth, you’re going to be able to decorate and coordinate in a lighter, happier fashion with the magenta than with the darker purples, IMO.

    The craft room purple is lovely, and not “gothic” at all, its pansies and lilacs and currants and lace and lemonade. Great colour!

    And for the diningroom chairs, I’d go either the left or the right, the lime-ish doesn’t seem to make sense with the grey, I’d go with the left hand one to bring a punch of colour, instead of fading out like the right one would. Although, knowing what I know about your personal taste in colour, the lime one is probably the most up your alley. At least that’d be my best guess 😀

    That’s my take on the colour choices! I can’t wait to see the whole thing done up! Painting and choosing colours for your new walls are definitely the best parts of moving into a new place 🙂

  3. Those are some really gorgeous colors you have picked out! They’re all so varied but still seem to fit together at the same time.
    Well, since you asked, I think you should go for either the blue or the green fabrics. Seems like they’d complement the grey walls instead of just match them.

  4. Love all the colors! My house is painted a different bright color in each room, and it is so cheery and wonderful. That being said, it’s really hard to paint bright colors, so if you like painting, feel free to come on over anytime and pick up a roller! 🙂

    For the music room, I love the middle purple on the left (it looks like “autumn purple”)! I may be crazy, but it looks great with the lime green in the sidebar, and that sort of combo (with light colored furniture) may be less “gothic” than, say, purple and black.

    I’m a huge fan of yellowish colors in the bathroom and bedroom–not necessarily yellow, but whatever color with yellow undertones. I think it’s the most flattering on people, especially in the bath where the bright lighting can be sorta harsh.

    Also, colors are wonderful, but don’t forget to leave some light/neutral areas, for some visual repose.

    That fabric is great for chair covers–a small pattern covers up lil mishaps pretty well. I like the top left one (bluish), although not knowing the shade of gray, it’s hard to say.

  5. I like the greener fabric for the chairs. Since your kitchen will be kelly-green, the greenish chairs would be a nice bit of continuity from kitchen to dining.

  6. I love, love, love your colours. I agree with ohsewcrafts — the green on the dining room chairs will tie in the kitchen walls nicely. I’m feeling inspired to repaint at my house and add more colour.

  7. I like the middle-left of the music room as well. My kitchen is painted about that color, and it makes a great backdrop for lighter, modern accessories. It’s surprisingly good with acid greens and bright oranges.

  8. Ooo, painting your new place! I’m very excited for you.
    I agree with Oksana – the grey fabric would probably just melt away into the dining room (unless you want to go for that). I really like the designs on the fabic, btw!

  9. Just *love* the last fabric. (But I wouldn’t mix too many saturated colors.) I think it would draw out the color from the walls. (Plus, it just feels more Art Deco…)

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