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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed my obsession with color. And not just any colors – bright saturated colors. I generally only like neutrals insofar as they make the brights pop (chocolate brown is the exception, and lately I do like gray a bit.) Forced out of my house yesterday by a house showing, I went to the knit nook and spent the yarn credit I had saved up.

This is Mountain Colors bearfoot to make Tempest from Knitty.  The colors in real life (magenta and lupine) are less vibrant, but I turned up the contrast to show the pretty olive greens in with the purple.  I love bearfoot, but I don’t like it as much for socks (too fuzzy.)  It’s a little heavier than the yarn called for, but it should work out – I won’t be getting to this til close to fall anyway, so I’d like a warmer version.  Lupine will be the main color with magenta as the contrast.  I hope it looks nice and not insane!

Today, driven again by my love of color, I went to the paint store and picked up sample cards for the new house (the house is pretty much entirely pink right now, and that is going to have to go.)

Colors are all by Benjamin Moore, because I love their aura paint.

I love the kitchen color (the bottom color here.)  I wanted a bright kelly green, and I think this will work!

The entryway and dining room will share these colors – gray in the dining room and one of the two teals below the chair rail in the entry.

I want a dramatic color for the music room, so I thought about dark raspberry.  This room also has a chair rail, and it will be painted white on the bottom.  I am torn between the two top colors on the left card, and the middle color on the middle card.

One of these colors will be the bathroom and one the bedroom.  The rooms are not attached, I just like blue-greens.  I’m leaning towards the aqua for the bedroom and waterfall in the bath, but I’m not sure.  I have a friend who painted her bedroom the aqua shade and it’s gorgeous!

I want purple in my craft room (which is also the guest room.)  My favorite is the dark lilac, the top shade on the far right.  I prefer my purples with some gray mixed in to make them less grapey.

The living room (which is upstairs) and hallways upstairs will be nice neutral chocolatey browns, so that you aren’t going straight from one color to another.  Fortunately, in addition to loving color I love to paint, so I will take this one room at a time.  Anyway, we won’t be in the house for at least a month, probably a bit longer, so I have time to plan (and I love to plan, it keeps me from going crazy with worry!)

In the name of avoiding the “what if something happens” worry I am also planning on recovering my dining room chairs.

I like the table set well enough, but this fabric is deadly dull.  I’ve wanted to change it since we bought it (2 years ago!) but I didn’t want it to clash with our next house.  Our current dining room has red walls, which I have slowly grown to dislike (you have really decorate around the red, and it makes the pretty cherry table look bland.)  I’m going to go with gray in the new house.  That rug is also going, since it’s nearly completely worn out, so I don’t have to worry about matching it.

I love Amy Butler fabric, and I’m thinking about using this pattern for the chairs, although I’m undecided about color as yet.

What do you think?