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If I seem absent…

there is a reason – we bought a house! Or rather, I should say we are in the process of buying a house – our offer has been accepted, but our place needs to sell first. I’m a little nervous that it will all fall through, but I’m trying to be positive! We rented a storage pod and half our belongings (including at least half my yarn!) now reside in storage until the sale. Right now I’m trying to clean the house thoroughly for the first showings, and we will have an open house this weekend. Our real estate agent (yes, we finally found one) is wonderful and found us exactly the perfect house, so I hope he can work his magic selling ours as well!

I didn’t think to take any photos while we were in the house, but here is a photo from the listing (the photos in the listing are all terrible, but look at the pretty fireplace – there are 4 similar fireplaces in the house, all different colors.)

It will be so pretty when it doesn’t have smudged pink walls anymore! It’s a beautiful old house, and while it needs some cosmetics I don’t mind, since it’s getting us a larger house than I thought we could afford. Besides, if there’s one thing I enjoy it’s fixing up a house – it’s like my childhood all over again (my dad was in the restoration and antiques business, so I was forever in old houses.) It is of course nerve wracking to make such a large decision, but this house had all the things we wanted (room for a music studio and waiting area for me, large open 3rd floor for Marc, room for me to have a formal dining room and living room in addition to the piano studio. It also has street parking, something which was lacking with the last house we made an offer on. All the woodwork is lovely and unpainted, it requires only a bit of TLC, but it won’t require stripping paint, thank goodness! The kitchen is a bit 1940s, but I have plans for that as well…not a total redo, but something to make it bright and pretty. It’s at least 3 times the size of my current kitchen, I won’t know what to do! All the floors are hardwood, no carpeting for me to deal with either (it kills my allergies.)

So… keep your fingers crossed that we will sell our condo quickly and be into our new home – and thanks to everyone for your well wishes so far!

I haven’t knit a bit I’ve been so busy, but I did wind up all the yarn for my next knit, the dayflower camisole.

I’m using the Classic Elite Premiere called for in the pattern. I got gauge on size 5 needles, but I think I’m going to go down to size 4s in order to get a slightly smaller size for some negative ease – cotton stretches, and I think it’s best to have a tighter fit on the top with an empire waist. Besides, I find that my gauge always is larger when I knit in the round, and I have to admit that I have never mastered swatching in the round.

27 thoughts on “If I seem absent…

  1. The house looks gorgeous. I love all of that unpainted woodwork; our current apartment has the same feel, and I’d definitely want that again wherever we move to.

    Congrats! I’ll send house-selling vibes your way.

  2. Congratulations on the new house! It looks totally gorgeous. Good luck on selling the condo; I’m sure it will happen soon.

  3. Congratulations! It’s going to be gorgeous once you fix it up the way you’d like it. I love that fireplace, and all that exposed wood. As they say, it’s got great bones!

  4. Great house! I live in an old house with all hardwood floors and love it.

    I just finished the Printed Silk Cardigan in Premiere and I would definitely go down a needle size. The yarn is so soft and I am afraid my garment will stretch out. I wish I had gone down a needle size (I used size 5).

    Good luck on selling your home!

  5. What a gorgeous house! I just love all the dark wood! We don’t have much in the way of well constructed older homes where I live so I’m always in awe when I see these beautiful older homes that would made with such dignity and care. My cousin bought an older house (with an ancient kitchen) in Cinncinati years ago and with a little remodeling and polishing ended up with a stunning home. Congratulations!

  6. oh my gosh, so cute! I love old houses! (though completely agreed on the pink paint! – and on the stairs? ew) but those floor length windows, and four fireplaces? *swoon*

    I hope it all goes through! Congratulations!

  7. The house looks like it is going to be great!! Congrats!!

    I also have Dayflower on my list, and I agree with your decision to go down one needle size – I have heard that the Premiere is a twin to Cascade Pima Tencel, which I know first-hand grows when washed.

  8. Your house has “lovely bones”, as they say, and I look forward to seeing your changes to it!

  9. That house is fantastic! Exactly the sort of place I’ve always wanted (instead of my 1970’s California tract house–think “Poltergeist”). I can see some gorgeous, rich colors on the walls. Or, alternately, a soft taupe, for something more neutral. Almost anything would be beautiful with that lovely wood. I’m sending lots of positive energy for a quick and lucrative sale of your condo!

  10. Yeah! Congratulations and may your condo sell like hotcakes!
    I can hardly wait to see your touches added to your new home, it looks lovely. πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats on the house, it looks beautiful. πŸ™‚ I love old houses, they just have their own special vibe.. Hope you get your house sold soon!!

  12. Wow. It is an awesome house so I will keep my fingers and toes (for good measure) crossed that it all works out. I love old houses – they have so much character.

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