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Well, that’s done

Thanks for the advice about my cabinets – I knew what I had to do, I was just hoping to weasel out of the work. I’ve spent the past two days taking my cabinets from this:

To this:

They do like nicer, I have to admit (by the way, the first picture is after I started removing the old finish… they were not that bad, although several were just missing their finish.) The white I painted them is much cooler than the old ivory, and I think it helps to tone down the walls (I love green, but I know not everyone does… but I am not painting the kitchen. It was awful painting the first time! I also have to say… never again (on the cabinets.) My husband was out of town all week, which is why I was in the cleaning/fixing frenzy. I painted them on the balcony and a few in the stairwell, since those are the areas I can keep the cats out of. If we weren’t moving I would have just bought new cabinets, as these are really just not nice. They had very little adhesive on them, except for two, so removing that wasn’t bad, but to my (admittedly critical) eye they look painted. Better than before, but not what I would want long term.

I also spruced up the bathroom with new rugs, shower curtain and bath mat, and the bedroom with a new duvet cover and general tidying up (I have 4 bags of clothes for Goodwill, my closet is so empty!)

The rest of the place looks pretty good, except for the closets that need to be emptied.

I have barely knit all week, which is sad, but hopefully soon I will be back on track. I’m like this with projects – I need them done once I start them, and I’m very single minded until they are finished. I apparently don’t believe in doing a little at a time.
Hopefully soon there will be knitting photos (and book reviews – I got a few books as my reward for the week of super hard work!)

11 thoughts on “Well, that’s done

  1. It only took you two days?! That’s very quick. I hired two guys to do mine, because I was in a hurry, and it took the two of them three full days. My kitchen is probably bigger than yours, but not by that much. Your cabinets look great! I think it will really make a difference to buyers not to have the old peeling finish.

  2. Everything looks great! And I’m with you on doing everything at once, especially painting. Otherwise it just gets all over the place and you have to clean again.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t listen to me and my lazy advice. I was thinking you were being hard on your self about the way the cabinets looked, but the one under the sink especially needed a little tlc. I think they look great. I also love the green walls! I hope you sell quickly!

  4. Huge difference! It was worth the effort. The crisp white makes the green look fresh, not over-powering, but, hey, I love color!

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