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The sweater that sickness built

“Nooo” says Sarah Jane, “You don’t need more photos of the knitting. Look at the cute instead!”

Yesterday I went to work, which in hindsight was possibly a mistake… I made it through my obligations, but then immediately felt 10 times sicker… so I stayed home from work today. I will have to make up the day later, of course, since I don’t actually get sick days from my teaching job (Oh how I long for sick days!) but at least I got to stay home and knit! My unexpected illness has resulted in the tuxedo top being very near completion, while I was expecting this top to take at least 2 weeks. I’ve finished the front and back, and knit the 2 lace straps. I’m waiting for the front to finish blocking so that I can knit the lace inset. I think I’ve decided to go with the reverse stockinette, but I’ll see when it dries. My tension on the front piece is much nicer, and I don’t care as much about the back.

I got my copy of Nectar in the mail today, along with the denim yarn to make Joy. My mailman said “Look, more yarn” when he handed me the package… I think he’s on to me.

It should be interesting – I’ve never knit with denim before! I was relieved to see that my stashed Rowan yarns will work nicely for Jasmine and Dawn. Everything looks nicer in person, and the book is really just lovely. I also was pleased to see that I can use the frogged All Seasons cotton from Manon to make this design, Honey.

I really like the way the cables are shaped at the bottom… it reminds me of the Nantucket Jacket, but hopefully this sweater will not give me linebacker shoulders (I’m a little bitter about that knit.)  I’m sure I won’t get to this before fall, but won’t it make a nice fall jacket?

Tonight while I’m waiting on the front of the Tuxedo top to dry I will do a little swatching for the designs from the new IK and Nectar that I’m interested in knitting.  I’ve already swatched the bamboo silk for Wallis and I love it, but I will post more about that tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “The sweater that sickness built

  1. Those Hargreaves designs are gorgeous. Looking forward to hear about your denim experiences. Thinking about starting a denim project from Nectar too.

  2. Good heavens, woman. I can’t believe how much you knit. Or how much yarn you have. 😛 Haha!

    Loving how the tuxedo tank is coming out, that colour is gorgeous! I wrote off that pattern when I initially saw it, but seeing other versions on Ravelry, I’m re-thinking. It might be a really cute tank, actually!! Can’t wait to see the FO. 😉

    Don’t your hands hurt when you knit so much??

  3. Sorry to hear you are sick…that sucks. I love that denim yarn and have been thinking about making the boyfriend a sweater out of it. Let me know how it knits up. The color is so great.

  4. Those cables are awesome! So sorry you’re sick, and hope you feel better soon. There’s nothing like knitting to get you well!

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