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It’s Kentucky Derby weekend here in Louisville. This weekend brings out the hermit tendencies in me – I live in a congested part of town that is usually filled with annoying, possibly drunken tourists (and locals) this weekend, and I prefer to avoid contact as much as possible. Combine that with a cold, and you have a recipe for staying in, eating macaroni and cheese (with cauliflower, so it’s healthy?) and teaching myself to read and knit at the same time.

I have 13″ of the back of the tuxedo top completed (a few more than in this photo,) which represents way more hours of knitting than I’m going to admit to you. Stockinette can be comfortably mindless when you’re in a cold medicine haze and reading a nice cozy mystery. Plus I had Dr. Who to watch, on my breaks from reading.

Marc just shakes his head; I think he can’t imagine why I would want to knit and read at the same time. Well… because now I don’t feel like either one is taking away from the other! Mind you, I wouldn’t knit or read anything demanding, but it is a nice way to pass the time.

I’m having a bit of a tension problem with this yarn – I don’t want to knit too tightly, but linen has zero elasticity, and I get occasional loose rows. I’ve decided not to care about them, and wait until the back is blocked to decide between reverse stockinette and regular.

I’ve also been reorganizing my queue on Ravelry (I went down from 7 pages to 3 by way of stern “are you really going to knit that” questions) and reassigning my stashed yarns. I got my Ella Rae Bamboo silk from Webs (guess they were wrong about that backorder) and it’s gorgeous – perfect for the Wallis cardigan I think!

I haven’t actually received my Summer IK yet, but this does not stop me from planning. I decided on Ella Rae Silkience, bought at the last Knit Nook sale, for the lacy tunic – I hope it works out! I also got out my yarns for the designs for Nectar that I want to knit (you would not believe the places I have stashed yarns in our 2 closet condo) so that I can swatch when my book gets here (I hope I have enough, but I think I should based on the prices of the kits… if not I will reassess my plans.)

Yes, if I am anything I am a planner. I am the type of person who cannot go on a vacation without 4 guidebooks and a typed itinerary. I like to make lists and check things off of them (thus: why I adore Ravelry, though I rarely use the forums.) I don’t do things on the spur of the moment, because I like to be prepared, and extremely spontaneous people make me cranky.

Marc thinks that the reason why I get along so well with our new cranky cat (Sarah Jane) is because we are just alike. He has a point. She will complain loudly if you do anything to upset her routine, which I think is adorable… she’s so grumpy, but at the same time wants to spend 24 hours a day in physical contact with one of us.Ā  I think my reaction to a sudden bath in the sink would be about the same as hers.

14 thoughts on “Planning

  1. I’ll admit it, I was unreasonably jealous of your speedy knitting when I first started to read your blog a little while back šŸ˜‰

    Now I just happily click over from Ravelry to see what magic you have cooked up. I can’t wait to see the pullover in the rowan 4ply, I have my eye on that knit as well.

  2. Have you thought about “listening” to books as you knit? If you have an ipod or MP3 player you can listen to audible books. I have an ipod shuffle and download books from and listen to books when I walk. I love it!! I haven’t tried knitting and listening yet (not sure why) but I’m going to give it a try.

  3. How productive! My multitasking skillz let me down when I try to read and knit at once.
    Rearranging the Rav queue is on my list of things to do (because I’m a list-maker as well).
    What you’ve knit in a day is amazing! Good speed. Hope the stay-in-weekend sees you cured of that cold.

  4. Looking forward to follow your Nectar knitting. Those are just lovely designs. I’m planning to knit some of them as well.

  5. I came to your blog via ravelry, because I enjoyed looking at your FOs-the Veste Everest brought me there. I laughed when I saw that you eat macaroni and cheese with cauliflower to make it healthier. When my husband makes his mac and cheese, I always make steamed broccoli for the same reason!

  6. You won’t be dissapointed in the Nectar book, it is lovely. I like the colour you have chosen for the grey top.

  7. Hi, Gosh you are fast at knitting, first time visit to your blog it’s great and I think it’s great idea reading while you knit I see where your coming from. Julie

  8. knitting and reading… if i could figure out how to do that, the people in my book club would be a lot happier with me. i’ve been neglecting my books because i’ve been knitting so much lately.

    the audio books is a good idea…

  9. Hallo – that’s a wonderful colour ball of yarn (the Rowan 4ply cotton) – which colourway is it, please?

  10. It that Rowan 4 ply Cotton in Aubergine? Because if it is you and I are knitting Jasmine in the exact same color!!

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