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Tempting the knitting gods.

We’ve all done it of course… switched needle sizes halfway through a project, thinking “it’ll be like extra shaping!” Decided to substitute an aran tweed in a pattern calling for sportweight silk. Said “Oh, I don’t need to swatch… I made a sweater with this yarn 3 years ago, gauge doesn’t change!”

In my case, I said “So yeah, I’ve made 3 Norah Gaughan designs before and they have all been cursed… but Manon will be different!” So I happily knit on, making triangles and oohing over the interesting peplum construction. Last night I finally finished the peplum and thought “Hmm… maybe I should try this on.”

“Shouldn’t these pieces just meet in the middle? It looks a little big. Oh well, nothing a good blocking can’t fix, right?”


Because of the way this is constructed there is not way to fix this without starting over.  I know I could pick up fewer stitches on the top, but it isn’t going to be enough to compensate for the six extra inches of peplum I’ve got going on.  I knew, of course, that my gauge in pattern is usually wildly different from my gauge in stockinette.  I’ve learned that lesson over an over, and yet somehow I thought that on this patttern they would match up perfectly.

So… froggity frog frog frog.  I’ll knit on Tuscany and think about what I want my next sweater project to be… hopefully it will be less ill-fated!

15 thoughts on “Tempting the knitting gods.

  1. That is so funny about the Norah Gaughan designs – I was just saying that I might as well sell my copy of Knitting Nature as her designs just do not work for me.

  2. Ooh, that really bites. I saw your post yesterday and loved the Manon in the Rowan too. Sucks it didn’t work out though. I feel your pain.

  3. Oh no! Maybe you could call it a design feature, and do the top like a surplice instead of having the pieces meet in the middle.

  4. Oh noo! Don’t give up on the pattern! It’s so gorgeous and your knits turn out so well! Have a break from it and come back later – at least now you know your gauge for the pattern!

  5. yeah, I feel your pain … I knit Currer and was actually on gauge, but I should have knit it with more negative ease. It’s too big, especially right at the point where the peplum is attached (see raireknits on ravelry) … I need to post picture of me wearing it because you can’t necessarily tell when it’s on my dressform, but it’s too big and very “swingy” … if I make her stuff again, I will definitely size down.

  6. Ohhh, I’m sorry that happened to you! I know the pain, for it is tres fresh in my mind.
    Glad you can reclaim the yarn.
    You’re also stronger than I – it may take me a while before I dive into a Gaughan pattern (no matter how tempting!).

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