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In betweens

I find spring and fall to be difficult seasons to knit for. I know that people say some sweaters are “transitional,” but really I find that I’m either hot or cold – I either want long sleeved or short, wool or cotton. It seems we went from 40 degrees here straight up to 80 with about a day of 60 in between. Even so, I don’t really want to knit sleeveless things yet, sow hen I was looking for my next project I ignored the nice camisoles and tanks waiting for me. I decided to knit another shawl, and at the same time knit a cardigan that might be called “transitional” by some people (although obviously not by me!)

This is the beginning of Manon from Norah Gaughan vol 1. This is the 3rd of her designs I have knit, and I’m hoping it will be the first I can wear. The pattern calls for Berroco Pure Merino, which is super expensive and also pretty heavy. I’m substituting Rowan All Seasons cotton in a discontinued shade (military) that I got for super cheap on ebay. It’s very nice to knit with, and the stitch definition is really wonderful for a cotton. I’ve been wanting to knit this sweater since I first saw it, but I was afraid to take the plunge. Yesterday I let Marc look at my queue and pick out a sweater for me to make, since I am so indecisive, and he picked this one. It was a good choice – the first triangle knit up quickly and was really fun!

This is my second new project, Tuscany from No Sheep for You. The yarn is Manos silk blend that I bought last week in Chicago. I adore the color, which I now realize almost exactly matches the Options needle cables!

Kim Hargreaves’ new book is for sale on her website, and of course I have ordered it. I’m pleased to see the designs from “Out of the Shadows” because I’ve really wanted to knit Joy and Glee. Many of the other projects are nice as well, especially Ripple, a sort of long sleeved version of Blithe. The first two below are knitted in Rowan Denim, which I have never used.  Is it nice to knit with?  I understand it won’t be the softest, I just don’t want it to hurt. Here are my favorites:

8 thoughts on “In betweens

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  2. What you need to do is move to Calgary, Alberta – no transitional knitting here. Today its snowing and -5Celcius. I only knit things with long sleeves…and socks…lots of socks.

  3. I’m wondering how much yarn you usually buy for a project? I mean, it seems you buy yarn without always first knowing what project it will be for — do you have a some sort of range that you know most of your projects will fall into? Thanks for the advice – I really admire all your abilities! 🙂

  4. I’m totally with you on the transitional garment thing. I’m currently fighting a battle with myself to not knit wool sweaters. After six months, it’s hard to kick the habit!

    Your new project looks beautiful – and thanks for the heads up about K. Hargreaves’ new book. I’m off to drool over it now.

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