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Getting there

My Something green is going much more quickly than the last time I attempted it.

Just 2 more inches to go on the body and then I get to start the sleeves!  I used my lifted increase and I’m very pleased – you can see the increase in the purl sections, but it isn’t anywhere near as obvious as doing a m1 increase was.  The sweater is fitting very well – it’s on track to have about a 32″ bust including the button bands, and that’s just perfect for me!

I’m wondering if I should add some length to the sweater.  I tend to think no, since the swingy style would be unflattering if too long.  I probably think that because of my green gable, which I’m wearing today, and which isn’t the longest thing ever.  I love it anyway, fortunately I like the look of a long tank under a sweater!

I’m feeling a bit better today, thank goodness.  The swelling is going down, and I’ve been able to switch to ibuprofen instead of the vicodin the dentist gave me.  I hate the way that pain medicine makes me feel, and I wasn’t able to work this weekend – I only managed one mass yesterday, and that was really pushing things.  I do feel able to teach today, so it seems I am getting better.

Sarah Jane is sitting in my lap, making typing difficult.  I swear, I’ve never had a cat that needed to be so close to you all the time.  It’s adorable, of course, although I don’t think the other cats see it that way.
Thanks to everyone who added me as a friend on goodreads, as well as to those who agree with my introverted ways – I’ll respond individually, but isn’t it neat to see how many of us there are?

8 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. You’re so fast! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I’mg lad that you are feeling better, and that the swelling is going down. I hear you on being introverted- I’m really good at faking extroversion, but in truth I find being around people kind of exhausting. Let’s hear it for bookworm pride!

  2. Hello knitting friend,
    I am living in Holland and I started to be a knittingblog reader a few weeks ago. Every day I am looking at your blog. I like your knittings and the way you write about it. This is the first time for me to give a comment. Hopefully you will knit and write very many years!

    Yhank you,

  3. I found your link on Ravelry, and I want to tell you that your “Something Green” is a thing of beauty! You are also a kind of knitting hero to me because I am extremely frustrated by by own rowing-out issues. . . . Your attitude really helps! I’ve taught myself to switch to continental-style, and I’ve even knitted backwards. I guess my flat-knitting, stockinette results might just be uniquely “me”.
    I added your blog to my faves & I’ll continue to check in – Keep up the beautiful work!

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