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Reading and knitting, and 7 more things about me!

I was always shy. When I was growing up I would go to great lengths to avoid having to meet new people, and sometimes even to avoid talking to people I already knew. I’m still an introvert, although I doubt that it’s very obvious to people I meet anymore, and certainly no one I know well believes it. I find social situations exhausting, and I require a fair amount of time to myself to recharge. Knitting fills that time now, but it used to be reading. I was a voracious reader as a kid – the kind who could check 10 books out every week and read them all. Grown up life and other hobbies have cut way down on my amount of reading time, but lately I’ve been trying very hard to get back into things. I’ve probably read more books in the last month than in the whole previous year.

Are you all on Goodreads? Wouldn’t you like to be my friend (I’m Stitchywitch there too.) I really like having a place where I can notate everything new that I read, it appeals to the crazy listmaking part of my brain (seriously, nothing makes me happier than crossing something off a list.)

Since I’m still sick and looking like a chipmunk (although I am feeling a little better, I finally got to sleep at 4 last night) Marc was sweet enough to go to the downtown branch of the library and check these books out for me!  I just love the “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series, I’m sure that reading them will help me to feel better!  Now I just have to master the art of reading and knitting at the same time (those of you who do this, how does it work?  How do you keep your pages open?)

Finally, I was tagged again for the 7 Things meme, and I figure there are always plenty of random things about me, so I’ll make another list (mmm…. lists.)

1.  I was so happy last summer when I finally got to own my dream car… a Volvo.  Yes, you heard that, I always wanted a big boxy Volvo.  Marc already owned one when we met, and when the time came to get a car for me I knew what I wanted – we bought a used S60 and I love that car to death!

2.  My eyesight is really bad, and what makes it especially bad is that my left eye is 2 points worse than my right, making seeing out of a pair of glasses nearly impossible due to distortion (I do see fine with contacts though.)  I envy all the cute eyeglass styles I see now and actually own a pair that are not prescription so that I can fit in… but I feel like a fraud when I wear them!

3. My all time favorite TV sitcom is “The Bob Newhart show.” Not the 80s one, the one from the 70s set in Chicago.  I love their fabulous 70s decor, and I think Bob and his wife act just like Marc and I.  I was so sad when Suzanne Pleshette died recently.

4. Although I really dislike most contemporary christian music (I think it’s usually pretty bad musically) I have a secret love of gospel choirs.  I listen to them all the time in the car!

5. My hair is naturally blonde, although I have been dying it red for most of the past 8 years.  I did have a very brief experience with black hair, after an encounter with a box of black cherry (read: purple) dye.  I tried keeping it natural after that for awhile, but I just felt washed out.  I love being a redhead!

6.  I am not a vegetarian, but I prefer vegetables and will usually choose the vegetarian option.

7.  I cry more easily than anyone I know – I cry when I’m sad and when I’m happy, at books and movies, and when I even hear about someone else being sad.

Wow, that’s still a fun meme.  If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged!

26 thoughts on “Reading and knitting, and 7 more things about me!

  1. Re: reading and knitting. You really need to check out audio books and/or My mom and I started listening to audio books from the local library years ago…. I think I was just starting middle school in fact! At the time, only short, abridged titles were available. How that’s changed! I was thrilled to find Audible 5 or so years ago. For a reasonable fee, I can download any two books per month from their extensive library (I’m always careful to choose unabridged titles). It’s a great way to “read” and, well, do whatever else you need to do! That’s how I read and knit 🙂

    Haven’t written you a comment in awhile, but just wanted to chime in with the above. Your prolific knitting is, as always, lovely! Looking forward to seeing the ‘Something Red’ FO!

  2. I’m usually uncomfortable in social situations and feel like I’m always standing alone (while my husband is flitting like the social butterfly he is!). I’m not outgoing, but people think I am (because I’m vocal with people I’m comfortable with) and they are surprised to think I think I’m introverted too. I don’t know whether it was because people always told me I talked to much so I went in the other direction – I’m afraid I’ll bore people!
    I’m on LibraryThing myself and I love looking over all the books I’ve read! My mother had all the Nancy Drew books and we read them all over and over again. I read constantly and try to balance it with my knitting! I also have a notebook that has “books to read” and “books read” (before LibraryThing), that I bring to the library with me to find books to check out. Anywhere I find a book that sounds good or an author’s name goes in the notebook.

  3. I take a big big butterfly clip and clip the book open eith on the top or bottom. Drawbacks; only works with books that’ll fit in the clip (try and find a jumbo one), and you have to put down your knitting to turn the page. Audiobooks is a better idea I think, I’ve just been getting into them too, recently.

  4. Wow… Ditto to your first few paragraphs!

    I’m going to echo the Audiobooks recommendation. I just finished listening to Tears of the Giraffe and was so drawn in by the rich African accent of the narrator. It’s especially good for getting you through the boring parts of knits.

    I have one really bad eye myself, and have also struggled with wearing glasses but I finally got a pair of progressive lenses that are doing the trick. (But sadly make me feel quite old.)

  5. Wow you sound just like me! I am very introverted, a big reader, love my blue Volvo, can’t see well, generally pass on meat, and cry all the time. It is nice to hear that there is someone else out there like that.

    As for knitting and reading, I go for the audio book option as well. The only problem is that as an English major I must mark up my books. I have come across book stands like this one:

    But I’ve never tried one out. Still, for three dollars, it might be worth a try.

  6. Totally jealous of the Volvo, but I want a wagon. I love to knit and read, and though I don’t do it much, I find that a stapler works best for holding the book open – it has enough weight to hold down the pages (and doesn’t weigh so much that it breaks the spine on the book), and it’s narrow enough to (most of the time) fit in the top margin, so you don’t have to move it to read. I find that audio books are only good for me on long drives, otherwise I zone out. Good luck!

  7. I was the same way as a kid! I was really, really shy and hardly said anything to anyone but I loved to read and remember going to the library a lot with my parents. When I told my high school English teacher I wanted to go into journalism she pulled me aside and said, “You know journalists have to talk and interview people.” And I said, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.” Ha!

    I also have a goodreads account…can I add you as a friend?

  8. I would never have in a million years guessed that you are not a natural redhead! Your hair color looks really beautiful on you! I have just started getting into podcasts while I knit – audio books will be the next step for me – but I find I can only really listen if I am knitting plain stockinette, anything else and I can’t really pay attention/absorb what I’m hearing.

  9. A rubber band will hold the page ,I studied and knitted in 1940,s and made good test scores.I still knit for ever but watch T V these days.I do hats for the preemie nursery babies.

  10. My son just introduced me to GoodReads a few days ago, and I haven’t settled in there yet, but I added you as a friend. I also love to read. I read all sorts of good fiction, and I’m a big fan of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series–love McCall Smith’s captivating writing style!


  11. Oh wow I can’t believe you aren’t a true redhead! I would never have guessed. This gives me hope as I am also a naturally washed out blonde and had no idea I could go red LOL. Will have to be brave and give it a go one day!

    As for reading and knitting you could try one of those recipe book holders that sit on the kitchen bench. Do you know the ones I mean?

  12. I need some Goodreads friends! I’m Mbarkle there.

    I struggle with the reading and knitting too. I am a visual person and books on tape or itunes just don’t work for me, I have to see the pages.

  13. I really relate to your musings on being an introvert. Very few in our extroverted society understand us! Too often we are seen as anti-social.

    I never liked audiobooks until I started knitting…so even if you haven’t liked them in the past, you may now. For me, it’s the best of both worlds!

  14. I love the Alexander McCall Smith series too. He’s going to speak here in the Bay Area, but it conflicts with my French class. Blogging is great because you can be yourself – introverted and shy – yet share your wonderful thoughts and ideas with the world in a safe way.

  15. I love your knitting. Inspirational. I was also inspired by American bloggers to knit a shawl for the first time in my life! I made three in fact, as gifts and they were very well received.
    My eyesight is very bad, too, (-7,75 and -4,75) but nowadays they make much better “glasses” than they used to, so I am able to wear metal frames even.
    Audiobooks are indeed a wonderful invention. Happy lisetening and knitting,
    Willemtje, a Dutch knitter

  16. I really enjoyed reading this meme. One of the marvelous things about blogging and blog reading is that people feel free to talk about things they probably wouldn’t in person. I often feel that I know my “blog friends” much better than my “real friends” for just that reason. It is especially good for those of us who are naturally introverted, since we don’t generally express ourselves freely in person.

  17. Looks like we’re gathering here…the introverts who compensate so that others do not realize how we really feel. Its an odd combination, so I like others, feel soothed by your description.

    I have always read and knit. I bought a few metal book holders at Borders or somewhere. The back adjusts to the height of the book, so it works for everything. I keep one on the table on our deck, one in my office, one in the dining room. Just prop up the book and knit-knit-knit, read-read-read!

    I too use Though I have a Library Thing account, I’m going to look at the Goodreads site since so many people recommend it.

    Be well soonest!


  18. My reading had suffered recently too. Since finishing school I had been knitting more but recently I have been devouring books of all genres. I’m loving young adult books right now. I can finish them in a day or two. I just picked up the first in the No. 1 series. Their is a BBC movie starring Jill Scott, it’s also going to be a series on cable (Showtime I think).

    I have the introvert/shy thing too. I really prefer to stay at home with my kids or take long walks alone when I have the time. Oh, it’s my dream to own a little boxy car too, a wagon would be ideal 😉 This will have to wait until my kids are older though, we could never fit in a little Volvo.

  19. 1) i used to drive a volvo too! and when i started looking at new cars, it was volvos and station wagons only. i’m a big dorky soccer mom at heart!
    2) you’re not a natural redhead!? i never would have guessed. your hair looks great this color!
    3) i used to NEVER cry. now the tears flow at any given moment!

  20. Lots of things to comment on:

    1.) Volvo – I had one once for a few days as a rental car and LOVED IT. It was so comfortable. I may replace my Audi A4 with one when it comes off lease next year.

    2. Goodreads – I haven’t been a member for long, so I haven’t done much with it yet, but I will look you up on there.

    3. Eyesight – very bad as well. -7.25 in the left eye, -5.25 in the right. YEP! I bet yours isn’t as bad as I’ve yet to meet too many people that are.

    4. Hair color – I’m surprised you don’t naturally have red hair. It looks so right on you!

    5. something random – I bought the Kim Hargreaves Dark House Collection book over the weekend and LOVE IT! I will definitely be making some of those projects.

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