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We got back from our trip at 3 am last night, and I was so glad to sleep in my own bed! I had a nice, relaxing time out of town – I got to knit, and I bought 3 pairs of shoes, so overall it was a nice break!

I mostly knit of the Clementine Shawlette this week, although my total knitting time was probably lower than in a normal week. I’m almost finished with the first half.

I did end up restarting it on size 6 needles. I liked how it looked on size 5s, but the yarn didn’t feel nice at that gauge. I’m happy with this – it’s about 3 inches wider than the pattern specs, and I like that because I was worried about it being too narrow to be useful as a shawl.

The pattern repeat is super easy to memorize, and I would recommend it to anyone, even lace beginners!

I have also worked on Something Red, and I am going to split join for the sleeves pretty soon. Again, the Blue Sky cotton is working so nicely!

I’m still going to focus on the shawlette for a bit – I want to get the 2nd half started or I’m worried that I’ll start neglecting it! Today was back to work, but it wasn’t so bad.

Kim Hargreaves has a splash screen up that her new Spring/Summer book is coming soon. I cannot wait – you know I will be buying it right away!  I made two projects so far from Heartfelt, both of which I simply adore.  Since I was so disappointed in Rowan this time hopefully this will make up for it!

I am very behind on answering questions, emails etc… I apologize for that!  Sometimes I think I have more hours in the day than actually exist!