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Blogging on vacation

Is it sad to blog on vacation?  I don’t know… for me this is a relaxing sort of trip, while for Marc it is a work trip – he has classes 8:30-6:00 every day.  I love our tiny (but cute!) hotel room.  Everything is my favorite color of green!

Yesterday I explored the downtown area on my own, and then we drove out to Ikea – we didn’t buy anything since there is one in Cincinnati now, but I love looking!  Exploring a city by myself is an accomplishment for me, because I tend to be really nervous when I don’t know exactly where I am.  I spent way too much money at Lush yesterday, because we still don’t have one at home (the salesgirl said “We have on in Memphis, is that close?”  Um… no.)  I know you can order online, but I like the way the store smells.  I got some of the Afterlife moisturizer, which smells so nice that I don’t even care if it works, a nice toner, Angels on bare skin scrub, and Soak and Float shampoo bar (it smells like a campfire, but I have psoriasis of the scalp and this is the only product I have found that really takes away the flakes.)  I use the American Cream conditioner afterwards and it removes the smoky smell.

I also bought shoes (really cheap!) and a bag to use for my summer knitting bag from H&M – another store we don’t have… come on, even Indianapolis has one – aren’t we coming up soon?  I spent 6 months living in Austria, and I got so addicted to H&M that it’s crazy.  I miss it!  Today I met Marc for lunch (Noodles & Co) and then I’ve been relaxing and knitting.  There’s a Starbucks across the street… heaven!

In a bit I’m going to head off to a yarn store or two… I firmly believe that yarn bought on vacation does not count as stash.  Then I promised Marc we could get pizza, although I don’t love Chicago pizza (I don’t like chunky sauce.)  I’m not sure where we will go, apparently Marc has a favorite (he has been here lots for business.)

Ah yes… knitting.  Thanks to everyone for their votes on what sweater to start.  Coraline was the clear winner, so I sat down and cast on all 190 provisional stitches, which took quite awhile let me tell you.  I decided that it would make me crazy to only work on that, so I also started Something Red.  I’m planning to make the raglan length much shorter – I’m wearing my “Not so shrunken” cardigan today, which has a raglan length of 9.5″, and it’s really too large for my spindly arms.  Something red calls for 10.5″, which… not so much.  8.5-9″ would be more reasonable to me.  We will see.  Here is a photo of my progress – no photo of Coraline, because it doesn’t look like anything yet.

I apologize for the bad photos – there is no real natural light in our room!

Last time I knit with Blue Sky cotton I knit to a gauge of 4 st/in on US 7s.  This time I’m using US 5s and knitting to 4.5 st/in and the experience is so much more pleasant!  It doesn’t hurt my hands, and stitches are much more even.  So far I’m glad that I gave the yarn another chance!

14 thoughts on “Blogging on vacation

  1. There’s a relatively nice little LUSH in Columbus. Not that it’s next door, mind you, but it is in the same state. I stopped using their shampoo for some reason (still don’t remember why), but I go overboard on Snowcake every Christmas season. Alkamar is a nice little soap, but I love Gorgeous . . . even at its outrageous price.

  2. It sounds like you are having fun! My favorite Chicago-style pizza is Giordanos. It’s the stuffed kind, not deep dish. Yum! The sauce is key though, so you might not like it:)

  3. Hi,
    I just opened up a store specializing in fair trade, child labor free recycled silk yarn online and was hoping we could swap links ( I would feature your link at which has all of my pictures and “fun stuff” on my website. If you know anyone else who might like to do a link share would pass my info around too?

    Also, if you have time would you consider this? I would be more than happy to extend something kind of cool to you… I’ll send you the “5-100 gram skeins” for $32 (free shipping of course) in return for a write-up/review on your blog. I’m just really trying to get my name out there.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.
    Nicole Snow
    Brand new owner of

  4. The photos are not at all bad! It sounds like you’re having a great time. I love H&M for non-work clothes, they are affordable and pretty at the same time. And you even have time to knit! Yay!

  5. Well done stocking up on LUSH! The shipping prices on their website are obscene. Can’t wait to see Coraline as I was thinking of making it our of Silky Wool for my sister.

  6. That was quite a Swedish day you had there with both IKEA and H&M! 🙂 (Did you know that they were both founded in Sweden by Swedes?)

    Have a great vacation!

  7. I have to say, I’ve been trolling in your blog for a while. I love your knitting! however, what caught my eye this time was your comment about the soap. I too have psoriasis of the scalp (which we both now is horrendously obnoxious), and nothing really seems to be doing the trick. I’ll have to try that soap out!

  8. Wow, is that the Dyed Cotton you’re using?? I didn’t know it was so … shaded! Or whatever. 😛 Variegated. I just ordered 4 skeins in “Drift”, now I’m wishing I’d chosen another colour… It looks awesome. 🙂

    And I’d blog too when I was on vacation if I could. I still haven’t updated about my trip to Paris, and I’m fearing I won’t get around to it until I’ve forgotten all the details. 😛 Anyway, good to hear you’re having a good time!

  9. Hi – I just wanted to mention a tip for scalp psoriasis.

    I found that Soak & Flot wasn’t doing it for me. What does? Rinse your hair with distilled white vinegar.

    I keep a mug in the shower and hang it on a hook so it dries out between uses.

    I pour about 1/4 c of vinegar into the mug, and then fill the rest with warm water from the showerhead. After I shampoo and condition my hair (by the way, I find that the solid “Jungle” conditioner is the only thing that doesn’t leave me flaky), I pour the vinegar rinse over my hair. I don’t rinse it out. Once your hair is dry, the smell goes away. If you have open sores on your head (like I used to), it will sting a bit (also if you just shaved your legs 🙂 )..but that goes away, too.

    I usually do this every time I shower. It’s easier to prevent the problem than fix it once it’s become exacerbated! 🙂

  10. Hi, I just wanted to ask how do you figure out the appropriate raglan length for yourself? I’m planning to make Marilyn’s NSS cardigan and many knitters have modified it by reducing the raglan length..

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