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And… moving on.

Having achieved my goal of finishing Green Gable before leaving town, I must now turn my attention to a more pressing problem… what projects to take with me on my trip! My only WIPs are Babette, which isn’t portable, and a pair of plain socks, which I will probably take but which aren’t exciting.

Last night I cast on for the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring 2006 IK.

The yarn is some RYC Silk Wool DK that I have had in my stash for ages and ages. I love the way it looks, but I’m considering starting over using 1 needle size larger. Can someone who has made this shawl tell me if it will relax a lot on blocking? Right now it’s kind of bubbly, and I want a nice drapey shawl. The yarn is nice, although not nearly as nice as you might expect for the price (I got it on clearance, but I would not pay full price… for the same price Louisa Hardings’ Grace is so much nicer.) But I do love the color, a sort of aqua that I’m really into this spring.

I’m also looking for a new crochet project. Babette isn’t portable, as I said, and Joy is on hiatus until I can get the seaming to behave nicely. I found this pattern for a centerpiece called Jameson, free from Berroco.

It’s made using self striping sock yarn, and I like the idea although I don’t care for the color they used. But I think it could be fab using this Noro Kureyon Sock, which I have decided I don’t want to make into socks. So I’ll give it a try, and probably make it a bit larger as well.

Finally, I want a new sweater project. What’s that you say? I don’t need 4 projects with me on vacation? But what if I get bored with all the others? No, it’s very important that I have lots and lots of options, and possibly get yarn for another project while I’m away. Yes, I know I’m crazy, but at least I know myself!

I have a few options that I’m thinking about:

1. Something Red 2. Coraline (I also have teal silky wool) 3. Bianca’s Jacket

And what’s especially sad is that these aren’t the only knits I’m considering! I have too many choices… but I would rather like to make a cardigan, so that does narrow it down a little. Maybe the last two are too wintery? They aren’t super heavy yarns though. Really, I’m just not sure what to start next. Any opinions?

16 thoughts on “And… moving on.

  1. I do the same thing when I go on vacation – my knitting bag is always at LEAST as big as my actual bag of clothes, etc. I think I personally would take Coraline with me, but that’s just because the stitch pattern at the top looks like a good combination between interesting and easy to memorize – a must for me!

    Good luck, and enjoy your trip!

  2. I made my Clementine from Debbie Bliss Pure Silk and it did relax quite a bit and become drapey. All your sweater choices look good. Personally, I’d do Something Red, but that’s mostly because I live in a hot climate and it’s better suited for this time of year. Both of the others are on my queue too

  3. My Clementine is done in Dream in Color Smooshy, and it really did relax on blocking. I love it, and it’s actually one of my handknits that I use most often, because it’s so versatile – you can wear it as a scarf or a shawl, and the shape and stitch pattern are really pretty.

    I have to say that Coraline would probably be my choice. It’s such a pretty, flattering sweater, and I love the yarn you’ve chosen. Beautiful work, as usual!

  4. Coraline is my choice too. I have that in my queue and as soon as I find the perfect yarn..
    I’m having the same trouble deciding what knitting to pack for a trip away. I’m spending more time thinking about that, than what clothes to pack

  5. I love all three, but I have been awaiting Coraline, so I probably would suggest that one. I really need to get back to my knitting…between being sick and teaching stresses I haven’t picked up my needles and you know it’s bad when you just can’t knit.

  6. Cardigans are year-round for me – cold in the winter, air conditioning in the summer. I vote for Coraline – you’ve picked such a pretty color for it!

  7. First, you are seriously the world’s fastest knitter. I don’t know how you move so quickly, but I’m always wowed by it.

    Second, I love that second sweater, but I’m not familiar with the pattern. Is it also a cardigan? If so, I’d say go for that; it’s simple but with enough interest to keep you busy.

    Have a great vacation!

  8. For purely selfish reasons, my vote is for Something Red…I have my eye on it and want to see what kinds of mods you make! Haha! Your projects always turn out so nice! But seriously, the second one by Ysolda is so pretty too. Hard choice!

  9. You’re very fast. Those 3 projects above are beautiful. I would take the 3 above (and I agree, one might get boring, or you might get done… you’re so fast!), but also take a lace project. Lace takes longer and it’s good for the times you actually want to concentrate.

  10. Coraline is my favourite. I did knit Something Red once pre-blog but had trouble with the neckband! Its a nice cardi though.

  11. Looking forward to seeing your clemintine. I have the yarn all ready to start it. I like the colour you chose.

    I’m voting for Coraline!

  12. I knit Clementine in Alpaca Silk and although it relaxed with blocking, it really stretches as I wear it. I simply knot it tighter as needed. I just threw it in my bag for a weekend trip and ended up wearing it with everything! Very versatile.

  13. I wouldn’t worry about the last 2 choices being too “wintery”. I just read Cat Coyle’s blog and she’s wearing a Tangled Yoke cardigan that looks like it could be a summer wardrobe staple – a “go with everything” in a very pleasing gray Rowan Scottish Tweed, for times when there’s too much air conditioning or a breezy night.

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