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And… moving on.

Having achieved my goal of finishing Green Gable before leaving town, I must now turn my attention to a more pressing problem… what projects to take with me on my trip! My only WIPs are Babette, which isn’t portable, and a pair of plain socks, which I will probably take but which aren’t exciting.

Last night I cast on for the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring 2006 IK.

The yarn is some RYC Silk Wool DK that I have had in my stash for ages and ages. I love the way it looks, but I’m considering starting over using 1 needle size larger. Can someone who has made this shawl tell me if it will relax a lot on blocking? Right now it’s kind of bubbly, and I want a nice drapey shawl. The yarn is nice, although not nearly as nice as you might expect for the price (I got it on clearance, but I would not pay full price… for the same price Louisa Hardings’ Grace is so much nicer.) But I do love the color, a sort of aqua that I’m really into this spring.

I’m also looking for a new crochet project. Babette isn’t portable, as I said, and Joy is on hiatus until I can get the seaming to behave nicely. I found this pattern for a centerpiece called Jameson, free from Berroco.

It’s made using self striping sock yarn, and I like the idea although I don’t care for the color they used. But I think it could be fab using this Noro Kureyon Sock, which I have decided I don’t want to make into socks. So I’ll give it a try, and probably make it a bit larger as well.

Finally, I want a new sweater project. What’s that you say? I don’t need 4 projects with me on vacation? But what if I get bored with all the others? No, it’s very important that I have lots and lots of options, and possibly get yarn for another project while I’m away. Yes, I know I’m crazy, but at least I know myself!

I have a few options that I’m thinking about:

1. Something Red 2. Coraline (I also have teal silky wool) 3. Bianca’s Jacket

And what’s especially sad is that these aren’t the only knits I’m considering! I have too many choices… but I would rather like to make a cardigan, so that does narrow it down a little. Maybe the last two are too wintery? They aren’t super heavy yarns though. Really, I’m just not sure what to start next. Any opinions?

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FO: Green Gable

Pattern:Green Gable by Zephyrstyle

Yarn: Knitpicks Comfy in Pomegranate, 4.5 skeins

Needles: US 5 and 4

Notes: What is there to say about this pattern? The sweater is lovely and flattering on so many different people. Be aware that the sizes as written have a lot of negative ease built in, and size up accordingly. I am pleased with how it looks on me, even if the picture does showcase my giant man hands (seriously, I have to buy men’s gloves.) It’s knit in worsted weight, so of course it’s not going to be as flattering as a fine gauge sweater, but it was quick! I made a few minor mods. I cast on for the size S (32-34) but discovered that as I knit on my gauge loosened up (this always happens when I knit stockinette in the round – I think i just get so bored!) To compensate I added a ton of waist shaping – twice the amount called for in the pattern. My final measurements are: Bust 30, Waist 26, Hips 29. Lots of negative ease, but not too much. I also think this sweater might be nice with 0″ of ease. I added 1.5″ of length to the body, and did the lower ribbing in 2×2 rib. Honestly it’s still a little short, but as I like the way it looks over a tank I think I’m pretty happy with the outcome. After I finished I felt that the neckline was too loose, so I added a row of single crochet with an F hook all the way around. It looks so much neater now that I would recommend planning on this addition.

Final thoughts on the yarn… it’s very nice overall. It’s a tad slippery, so keeping even tension can be a little problem, but the stitches tighten up nicely with blocking. It’s also a little fuzzy, so I will keep an eye on how well it wears. I think it’s an excellent value – this sweater cost less than $20 to make!