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Babette Progress

Sections 1-4 of Babette are completed and sewn together! I’m very pleased with the color combo, I even don’t mind the orange so much (although I’m using it sparingly.)  It really hasn’t taken too much time to get to this point (except for that 12 round square… ugh, it took forever!)  Of course, each section gets larger, so I still have lots of crocheting to do.  I did not block the squares individually, but I did block each section once it was sewn together.  Since I’m combining Cascade 220 with the heathers, which are thinner than regular 220, the squares are not all exactly the same size.  That’s ok though, because one of the things I love about this blanket is how impefect and sort of folk arty the squares look together.  I’ve seen some blankets that were perfectly blocked, and while those are nice too I think I prefer my way.

It took a little over an hour to seam these squares together.  I used a whip stitch, and I’m happy with how it looks, and with how flat the seam is.  I’m weaving in ends as I go, because I would go insane if I kept it all to the end!

Tonight I’m going to put in a good amount of time on the Shetland Triangle.  I love the lace in the thick yarn – I’ve already set aside my Manos silk blend (dk weight) to make  Swallowtail shawl with soon!

12 thoughts on “Babette Progress

  1. Soooo pretty and cozy looking. It’s sort of funky, too, which is so much fun in a crocheted blanket. Lovely!

  2. Your Babette looks amazing. I am more and more fascinated by this pattern each time I see a blog post about it. I don’t know how to crochet but posts like yours are making me want to learn. Your color choices look fantastic. Great job.

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