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On fire!

Thanks to a bit of a throat infection, I’m staying home.  I stayed at home yesterday too, except for an outing to an unavoidable rehearsal.  I’m hoping to make it through holy week with my voice intact, so while I know most people would ignore a little infection, I’m super paranoid.  The result of my super paranoia?  A whole ton of knitting time!  I’m finished with the back of the flutter sleeved cardigan, and I’m 3/4 of the way through the first front.  I love this pattern – the use of short rows for shaping on the fronts is so clever and pretty.  I really hope it looks good on me!


After my period of knitting ennui, I’m really thrilled to have found some exciting projects once again.  After I finish this sweater I will finish up Joy.  Thanks for the advice on the seaming – I’m going to try your suggestions and see what I like the best for the armholes.

I’ve got the yarn all wound up for the Shetland Triangle shawl, but I’m waiting until I finish a thing or two before I start – I don’t want my attention to get too fragmented.  Even so, here is yet another photo of the yarn (I can’t help it, I’m so in love!)

It’s looking likely that we’re going to be in Chicago during my spring break (we follow the public school schedule.)  Marc has a training seminar for his new job, and I want to get out of town after the Easter stress – after all, with Easter being so early this year I haven’t really had a break since sometime last fall.  I have no idea what we will do there (or more specifically, what I will do while he is training) but it’s always nice to travel I think – I really wish my job allowed for more opportunities to travel, but if I miss any weekends I have to hire substitutes for myself, which is sometimes more trouble that it’s worth. 

I was hoping we would be settled in a house by now, so that we could plan an international trip, but that will have to wait until later I suppose.

I hope you’re all having luck with your needles and hooks this week!

8 thoughts on “On fire!

  1. Boy, you are a fast knitter! I’ve been working on that bed Jacket you made a long time ago (I posted a comment on that entry-dunno if you got it or not >>;;) I’m kinda stuck on one part-the front panel part where it says to increase one stitch on front center. What do they mean by front center? The middle of the row? Then there a part about increasing on the side seam-which side is that, the side where the armhole is, or the side where the ‘V-neck’ is? Um if you can’t read my email, then um you can just respond to this comment.

    Hope you feel better hun! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Looking good! We went on an AMAZING walking food tour of Chicago when we were there last summer. If you like that sort of thing check it out! (of course, I don’t remember what it was called, that would be too easy, but I’m sure it’s googleable)

  3. Flutter’s looking excellent! And I adore the yarn you have for the shetland triangle – deeeelicious! Your trip sounds super fun too – even if you just cruise around the city, find a nice spot to sit and knit while eating tasty snacks!

  4. Ooo…that Mini-Maiden is just too gorgeous. I have two hanks myself, ivory and Polar Sea (dk blue) but I think peridot is my favorite.

  5. There are also some great yarn stores in Chicago and the surrounding areas…Let me know if you want any info about them! In any case, enjoy your vacation!

  6. Yay for coming out of the knitting blahs! I hope you feel better soon, then you can properly enjoy your knitting again. Sore throat during Holy Week really sucks.

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