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I always feel a little sad when I don’t have a sweater on the needles.  To combat this, I decided to cast on for the flutter sleeved cardigan from the current Interweave.  I’m using O-Wool Balance in Lapis.

Shortly after I took the photo I measured the sweater, and found that although I am making up my own size 32 sweater (I’m sorry, 36 is not a small) it was coming out too large.  I was frustrated because I swatched.  I always swatch, yet I have been plagued by gauge problems lately.  I was using size 6 needles, so I went down to 5s and swatched… and the gauge was dead on.  Then I started thinking… you know my ill fated hexacomb cardi, the first one where I blamed the pattern for my gauge problems?  It was swatched at the same time as this yarn a few weeks ago, both on size “6” needles.  Um… I went back and checked on a few other yarns, and those weren’t size 6 needles I swatched on.  They were 5s.  Oopsie.  Actually, it’s quite a relief to realize that I haven’t miraculously started knitting tighter lately.  I was getting really discouraged about my inability to get sweaters started well, but now it’s all better!

I’ve cast on again using smaller needles, and all is well.  The O-wool balance knits up beautifully, but be forewarned that it contains a ton of vegetable matter.  We’re talking almost Noro level here.  I don’t mind so much, but it’s something to realize.

I have a photo of joy, over 50% complete!  I only have 1 front and one of those tiny sleeves remaining. 

The pattern has been nice in general.  I don’t like the way the collar is coming out, and I’m not sure about my seaming… I left the ends out so I can take this apart and try again.  I used whip stitch for the body, and that worked great (this is what my comfi cardi called for, and unlike in knitted pieces the whip stitching is invisible.)  I used mattress stitch for the shoulder and sleeve, but I’m not thrilled with is.  The pattern recommends back stitch, which I don’t know how to do, but I may try to learn in oder to fix it.  Does anyone have a suggestion?   I think this will be a cute sweater when it’s done!

I’ve been in kind of a funk lately… Marc was gone all week to a conference, though he’s back now, and we’re almost to Easter, so I won’t have any days off for a week.  Last year I played all the Easter masses, but this year I will sing them.  That means I won’t have to save my wrists for all the extra work, so I’ll be able to get in some good stress knitting!

9 thoughts on “Oopsie

  1. I know what you mean about it being nice to have sweaters on the needles. I have been sad because I have not had a me sweater on my needles since November. I have been struggling with my SIL Christmas present. Stupid thing won’t finish.

    I hope to cast on stuff for me very soon or I might lose it. I really need sweaters and I lost a ton of sweater knitting weather.

    Take care of your voice this week.

  2. I love the flutter sleeved cardigan. I almost cast on for that this weekend but, alas, I don’t have enough yarn in my stash. Looks like it’ll be lovely!

  3. There is a nice diagram near the bottom fo this page on how to backstitch. It is also the same as backstitching in embroidery or sewing so you can look up more resources, just make sure that you make the stitching about the same size as one crochet stitch to keep it even. Hope it helps!

  4. De-lurking – how about using a crocheted slip-stitch seam? A firm, strong seam, I especially like them for shoulder seams where it’s nice to have a little extra structure. Bulk-wise, I think it would be equivalent to a backstitch. They’re very quick to do, too. Joy looks really cute in your picture – love the color.

  5. Another great way in crochet to get nice seams is to crochet the pieces together with a slip stitch. It leaves a nice even looking seam and is really fast. If you don’t like it the crochet is a breeze to rip back out and try again.

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