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Forget what I said…


I started the Shetland Triangle last night, using the Wollmeise yarn, and well… I love the pattern.  Absolutely, very lovely and intuitive.  What I don’t like is the way it looks in the yarn.  Unlike some sock yarns, Wollmeise is pretty hard, and without any spring to speak of.  I’m just not enjoying working with it in lace, nor do I think I will enjoy wearing the result.  That’s ok – I found a pattern I love, so I can deal with a restart in a new yarn!

There are a number of Shetland triangle shawls on Ravelry done in a worsted weight yarn, and I really like the way they look, so I’m going to restart mine using Handmaiden Silk Maiden in Peridot.

Pretty, yes?  I seem to be developing something of a problem with Fleece Artist/Handmaiden yarns.  I cannot resist the beautiful colors, even when I secretly think they’re overpriced!  Ah well… small price for happiness, and as long as I’m not using them for sweater coats or something the cost per project isn’t insane.  I own 4 different wool/silk blends from the company, and I don’t regret a single one – they are all simply some of the loveliest yarns I have touched!  Now all I have to do is start using them up – I have two Ilga Leja designs ready to go (Manon in Lady Godiva and Lady of the Woods in Woolie Silk 3-ply) as well as the yarn above.  And I wonder if I could get Tuscany from “No sheep for you” out of 1 skein of Mini Maiden?  It’s roughly the same gauge as sea silk, but the yardage is better, so I suspect that I could.  Lots of people on ravelry have used 1.3 skeins of sea silk.  If I have to leave off a repeat it can just be more scarflike or something.  I’m a smaller person, so I don’t need big shawls anyway.


I hope you have enjoyed your yarn loveliness of the day!