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What next?

Sometimes I have a really hard time deciding on a project.  Right now I’m working on Joy and Babette, but I need a knit project too… crochet is much harder on my hands, and I do much better if I switch back and forth between the two crafts.  The problem is that neither I nor the weather can decide what season it is.  Plus, although I have tried to start several sweaters (the two I recently showed here) I have been blocked by my mind’s refusal to let me do lots of stockinette.  It’s funny, because I usually love stockinette, but I think I’m being haunted by my last two unfinished sweaters.  I need a break.  So I’ve decided to try something new… my first real lace project!


The yarn is Kürbis in the dark colorway by Wollmeise.  The color is closer in the 2nd photo.  Kürbis means pumpkin (I think) but this yarn is closer to the color of flames.  It’s so beautiful, and I’ve been stymied by what to use it for since I bought it – too pretty for socks, but what else to make?  I’m going to make the Shetland Triangle shawl (thanks to the several commenters who suggested it for me!)  Above is a copy I made at the library of the pattern, but I’m going to go this afternoon and buy the book – this will be the 2nd pattern I have made from Wrap Style, and my personal rule is that if I make more than one I have to buy the book, rather than using the library.  Plus, I think I might like to make a few of the other designs, so it will be good to own!  While I’m there I’m going to pick up Mason Dixon too, as I’m planning to make a piano bench cover of my own.

Wish me luck as I attempt my first all lace pattern since I made branching out in 2006!

I have also finished the back and 1 sleeve on Joy, and it’s moving along nicely.  The bodice pattern is a little mind numbing, but I think it should fit.  The sleeves are tiny, but they seem to fit around my arms!  Hopefully this one isn’t going to drag on forever.