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More on patience

I mentioned yesterday that I lack patience. I’m not sure that knitting falls under the category of things that require patience for me… it’s more likely to be in the category of things that allow me to ignore my lack of patience a little. I do knit quickly, it’s true, but there’s something about being under stress that turns me into a knitting machine. That’s what causes this:

To turn into this:

And finally wind up like this:


all in about 72 hours. Every time I started to worry about things I knit, and um… I worry a lot. It’s 52″ across on the bottom and about 15″ tall. The color is between the first and second photos.

I will have an FO post for this, probably on Thursday. I’m not sewing up the side because it’s a little big on me (I have narrow shoulders.) I’m also not doing the fringe, because experience has taught me that I hate fringe, and I won’t wear it.  But it’s a super lovely wrap, I’m so pleased with it!

We’re waiting on a counter offer for the house… hopefully it will come today, before I lose my mind without a knitting project.  I’m really good at being a quick decision maker, so I am easily frustrated when I have to wait.  And I sincerely hope the counter is a price we will take, because I’m not sure my wrists can take another back and forth!

I did get yarn for a new project, the Babette blanket from Interweave Crochet.  I have admired this forever, but I was intimidated by how complicated it looks.  I’m using Cascade 220 rather than Koigu, because it comes in a million colors and will make a much larger blanket.  I want it for the guest room in our new house… whether it’s the current house we are offering on or another one.  This is about half the colors:

I’m waiting on the rest to arrive.  I ordered them from the Knitting Zone during their 29% off Leap day sale, so hopefully they will ship soon.  I’m following the basic color scheme from the pattern, although I have made a few changes (there will be no yellow in my blanket.) I’m using some brown cascade 220 from my stash for the taupe called for.  I love the bright colors so much – I cannot wait to get started! 

My recent focus on my home, and homes in general, has led me to an interest in things you can knit and crochet for the home.  I checked Mason Dixon Knitting out from the library, and while I will confess that I still don’t “get” washrags (I don’t use washrags anyway) there are a few lovely projects.  In particular I’m interested in making the piano bench cover for my piano, although I would have to find someone to do the sewing up since I don’t sew.  I’m also plotting some table centerpieces, which I think could be really fun, and maybe a rug or two – I like the absorba bathmat in Mason Dixon, and there’s a fun swirly crocheted rug in Crochet Me that I really like as well.  And I need to make a few more doilies.  I can’t help it – making that doily was super fun!

I’m anxiously awaiting the new Knitpicks spring colors and yarns… I love their yarns, but to be honest the color palette has never really done it for me.  I really want to try CotLin, but the color palette has put me off for a long time… and I want some better colors in Shine Sport so I can consider it for the Printed Silk cardigan!

In the meantime I’m thinking about my next sweater project.  I have a million things queued, but right now I’m planning on making the feather and fan cardigan from the new Classic Elite “Make it Modern” book, as well as the crocheted “Joy” from Rowan 41.

10 thoughts on “More on patience

  1. I can’t wait to see your Babette, those colours are gorgeous! I also wanted to say that I am a dishcloth convert, they are fun to knit (or crochet) take the time it takes to make a swatch and really work wonders. People always seem to love them for gifts as well!

  2. Per a KnitPicks employee on the Ravelry group, the new Cotlin colors are deep coffee brown (woohoo!), warm lilac, butter yellow, white, pale periwinkle blue, and pale minty green.

    The wrap turned out beautifully! 🙂

  3. Beautiful work! And seeing how you’re about the fastest knitter/crocheter I know, I’ll be back in a week or so to look at your finished Babette. : )

  4. I love the idea of a giant Babette made in cascade 220, and your colors are gorgeous. (I have to say, I wish worrying made me a knitting machine–it’s a nice side benefit!)

  5. You don’t “get” washrags? What do you wipe your kitchen counters with? I love my cotton knit washrags. The texture perfectly grabs crumbs and spills and is soft enough for baby faces. You might like them.
    I love you pattern picks. Your thorough reviews are so appreciated. Thank you!

  6. Your knitting is UNBELIEVABLE…you are so talented…I LOVE the patterns, the colors…everything…do you knit things for others?

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