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Sorry for being a little less chatty than usual, but there is craziness afoot here.  The exciting news is that we have put in an offer on a house!  We are waiting to hear back, and I am slowly going insane.  It’s funny because when people find out I knit they invariably say “Oh, you must have so much patience,” but at least about things like this I don’t have any at all.  I’m scared that our initial offer was too low, even though we put it in expecting a counter offer – but I don’t want to be insulting, you know?  Marc is not bothered in the least with all this, which shows the difference between us.  While I dread the searching for houses, the bank wrangling, and the stress of making an offer, he is completely calm about everything.  Actually moving though… that will stress him out, while I am totally happy with all the disarray that comes with a new place. 

I won’t talk about the house itself, because I get paranoid about jinxing myself, but… think happy thoughts for us!

On topic, I think I actually have cursed myself when it comes to the hexagon cardigan.  After about 2 inches of the body I realized it was coming out a little big, and rather than frog I just switched to a size smaller needles, thinking “Oh, who will notice that?”  Well… perhaps if I had a hunchback this would be a hot sweater, but as it is it looks really strange.  No pictures now… I need to pout for awhile and move on.

 I did start a new project, the Open Waters wrap I have been talking about.

I love the way it is coming out!  The wrapped stitches are kind of a pain, but it’s totally worth it for the effect.  I got paranoid that it was going to be too small (the hexagon cardi has really caused me to take a blow to my confidence) so I put it on waste yarn and blocked it.  It blocks to the correct size, even though my yarn is slightly finer and I’m using smaller needles!  This should be a pretty quick knit, and I hope it turns out, because I could use a successful FO right now!

7 thoughts on “Curses!

  1. Very few things are as stressful as buying a house! And as for patience, part of the reason I love knitting is that I don’t even have the patience to sit still for a few minutes (waiting for doctor, at a baseball game, or a red light) without keeping busy! Relax about the house… let Mark take charge and keep on knitting! 🙂

  2. Ooh, good luck! My hubby is the same way ‘whatever is supposed to happen will happen, it will all work out in thye end…blah, blah blah’

    How can they be so calm about such things??

    I hope you get it & can stop worrying soon!!

  3. I love the yarn you are using for the Wrap! Don`t be to down with the Cardi, you have many beautiful knits so far – it will turn out!

    Plus I have my fingers crossed for you and your hunnie!

  4. i was just telling someone yesterday that i don’t have a lot of patience, knitting gives me patience. 🙂

    sending some good juju your way now………..

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