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Sorry for being a little less chatty than usual, but there is craziness afoot here.  The exciting news is that we have put in an offer on a house!  We are waiting to hear back, and I am slowly going insane.  It’s funny because when people find out I knit they invariably say “Oh, you must have so much patience,” but at least about things like this I don’t have any at all.  I’m scared that our initial offer was too low, even though we put it in expecting a counter offer – but I don’t want to be insulting, you know?  Marc is not bothered in the least with all this, which shows the difference between us.  While I dread the searching for houses, the bank wrangling, and the stress of making an offer, he is completely calm about everything.  Actually moving though… that will stress him out, while I am totally happy with all the disarray that comes with a new place. 

I won’t talk about the house itself, because I get paranoid about jinxing myself, but… think happy thoughts for us!

On topic, I think I actually have cursed myself when it comes to the hexagon cardigan.  After about 2 inches of the body I realized it was coming out a little big, and rather than frog I just switched to a size smaller needles, thinking “Oh, who will notice that?”  Well… perhaps if I had a hunchback this would be a hot sweater, but as it is it looks really strange.  No pictures now… I need to pout for awhile and move on.

 I did start a new project, the Open Waters wrap I have been talking about.

I love the way it is coming out!  The wrapped stitches are kind of a pain, but it’s totally worth it for the effect.  I got paranoid that it was going to be too small (the hexagon cardi has really caused me to take a blow to my confidence) so I put it on waste yarn and blocked it.  It blocks to the correct size, even though my yarn is slightly finer and I’m using smaller needles!  This should be a pretty quick knit, and I hope it turns out, because I could use a successful FO right now!