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Progress on my goal

I seem to be completely unable to stop taking photos of my progress on the lush and lacy cardigan.  The ruffled peplum is like magic, the fabric is so soft, and everything is going so quickly!

I still have no idea what size this is going to be, but I’m pretty sure it will fit.  It’s difficult to measure, but halfway through the bust increases it seems to be about 16 inches across the back, which is just what I want!  I feel like I’ve barely worked on it, yet the back is halfway finished.  Angora and I, while not perhaps best friends, at least get along tolerably well.  I can’t knit on this for hours at a time without getting hairs in my eyes and nose, which does give a bit of allergy, but it does not cause the severe reaction that alpaca does.  And besides… I’ve always worn angora sweaters, so I know it can’t be that bad!

I also did some swatching yesterday, and finally started on my goal on making a crocheted sweater!  First I swatched Karabella Zodiac, for Short and sweet.

I got gauge easily on the recommended hook.  I like zodiac for its nice stitch definition, sheen, and pretty colors.  When knitted it makes a surprisingly nice, crisp fabric, and isn’t as stiff as you might expect it to be.  It is more splitty that I think a yarn should be, especially for crochet.  You can see that in the top of this swatch, but then again you can also see my secret shame… sometimes I don’t pick up both loops on the beginning chain, mostly if the yarn is especially splitty.  In this case the yarn was splitty, but I was also being lazy.  I won’t do this on the actual garment because it shows.  When spring arrives I will be glad to make this sweater again (I’m blocking out how difficult it was the first time!)

But short and sweet is too summery for late January, so I kept swatching.  I swatched several yarns for the Sanctuary Bolero from Sensual Crochet, finally getting something like gauge with Knitpicks Shine sport.  However, the only color I have enough of is Aquamarine, and while I like the color I am not sure.  Maybe it would be nice for spring?  Or maybe I would look like some kind of crazy easter egg… I have trouble distinguishing between the two with pastel colors.  hmm…

But all is not lost…

I have started a sweater.  This  is the comfy cardi from CrochetMe (the book.)  The yarn is baby cashmerino, bought on deep discount from LittleKnits.  Isn’t the color great?  I love the dark violet.  I had to go down to a 2.5 mm hook to get gauge, but it’s not overly stiff.  Unlike knitting needles (except at very small sizes) crochet hooks are not always the same size.  Clover hooks are consistently larger than their letter designation would indicate.  The stitch pattern is really fun and not especially hard at all!

Since I have put down my Diane sweater, I’m going to start swatching for these fingerless gloves in a little while, using Lousia Harding Grace (a super lovely wool/silk blend.)

They will be quick, and I need another pair for my teaching studio.