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FO: My first (finished) doily, and some new WIPs

Pattern: Round Doily, from Japanese Crocheted lace (Kyuuto series, english translation.)

Thread: DMC Cebelia size 10, about 1/4-1/3 ball

Hook: 1.5 mm from the Hamanaka set (bought from Saucy Louise.)

Notes: A finished doily – yay! This was so much fun to make that I couldn’t put it down. There is something very soothing about crocheting in endless circles. This was my first charted crochet pattern, and I think I did pretty well – certainly it was easier for me to get through some of the stranger directions, although I did have some issues with how to start the last few rounds (it must have worked out, because I can’t tell.) The picot edge was annoying, as picots tend to be, but that’s ok… the nice effect is worth it. I love these hooks – they have a roundish grip that gives you something to hold onto without being obtrusive. The Clover soft touch hooks, which are similar, are more flat and tend to dig into my palm. I blocked this, sort of… at least I pinned it out, sprayed it with water, and then applied some spray starch. It isn’t absolutely even, but I don’t care about that. It looks so nice on the side table my dad refinished for me.

I will certainly be making more doilies in the future!

I have started two new projects to keep me busy. The first is the Diane Cardigan, from Louisa Hardings’ Knitting Little Luxuries.

I’m trying to make up a 32″ size, which shouldn’t be too hard. Impressions is a nice yarn – soft and very pretty when knitted up. After a few rows I got the hang of how to knit with it, and I haven’t been catching the thread it’s wrapped in. The most amazing thing to me is that I am using the recommended needle size – this hasn’t happened in at least a year! Maybe Ms. Harding is a fellow loose knitter?

I’ve started another crochet project as well.

This is Chanson en Crochet from Wrap Style, crocheted in Moda Dea Silk’n’wool. It’s very nice so far, although I can already see where some people have said the directions are vague. Will I wear a capelet? I sure hope so, but time will tell!

11 thoughts on “FO: My first (finished) doily, and some new WIPs

  1. Love the doily!!!

    I was really interested to see your finished Briar Rose bolero. I really love that red too – really nice! It’s usually so hard to find that kind of red – I think of it as a 1940s red. The silhouette looks great also – I really like how the puffiness of the sleeve turned out.

    I started my Briar Rose about 8 months ago but it now sits as a discarded WIP. Like you, I did find the pattern instructions quite clear but the actual construction of the piece was a little hard to grasp in my head at times (that was when my knitting experience was not fully up to the pattern yet). I stopped when I found that my stitch count was off and I couldn’t figure what I had done – but now that I read that that also happened to you, I might frog it and re-start again. Thanks Jessica! I hope you do get a bit of wear out of the bolero since it looks fantastic on you.

  2. I envy your crochet skills. I just bought the CrochetMe book, it has lots of pretty designs in it, and I can’t wait to make some of them. Maybe they’ll even fit!

    I just love Louisa Harding. And the yarn looks so interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it in person, but I love how it comes out all knit up.

  3. Such beautiful work!! I saw your crocket hook in the picture, what kind of hook is that and where did you get it??? Is it more comfortable to hold and use? Thanks.

  4. bonjour, votre modèle “chanson” est magnifique, oĂą puis-je me procurer les explications car ce que vous avez rĂ©alisĂ© est merveilleux merci et vous fais toutes mes fĂ©licitations.ginette.

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