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WIP parade and a book review

I haven’t posted much this week, mostly because I have been feverishly knitting on Briar Rose.  There are two reasons why I will knit obsessively on something.  Either A: I love every stitch, and I can’t tear myself away or B: I am not enjoying something about this process so I want to hurry up and be done with the thing.  This, sadly, was reason B.  I have mixed emotions about this one.  I’ll talk more about it when I do the FO post, but here is a sneak peek!

Book Review: Kyuuto Lacy Crochet

This book is one of a series of Japanese books being translated into english.  There is also an amigurumi book, and an embroidery book will be published soon.  I was curious about what the translation would be like, so I added this book to my wishlist.  It isn’t my favorite of my Japanese books, but it does have some nice basic projects.  All the projects are small – doilies, coasters, a cute change purse, trays etc.  There are a few patterns that call for crocheting onto fabric, in order to make such items as a scissor case and a crochet hook holder.   Some of the projects have step by step directions, illustrated with photos.  If you’re wanting to understand charts better, I think this would be a helpful book.

The translation isn’t so great – I found some of the terms a little odd, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to follow any of the written directions except to double check the charts.  Hooks are listed in millimeters, which is fine, but threads are listed almost exclusively as “lace thread,” which is not really a helpful designation.  I think most of the projects I was looking at mean something like a size 10 thread.  It’s easy to tell by looking at the hook size recommended.  I’m planning to make the potholder shown above, but right now  I’m testing one of the basic patterns, a doily which has step by step instructions for parts of the pattern.  So far it’s going well – I’m using size 10 DMC Cebelia thread and a 1.5 mm hook (I am a loose crocheter as well as a loose knitter.)  I’m trying to use the chart as much as possible, and I really feel like I’m making good progress on my crochet chart reading!

12 thoughts on “WIP parade and a book review

  1. I completely understand your reason B. I’ve been there so many times and my husband laughs at me when I tell him I have to hurry up and finish this project because I’m tired of knitting it.

    GL with the foreign crochet patterns.

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