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FO: Transition Gloves

Pattern: Transition gloves from Shibuiknits

Yarn: Shibui sock in Mulberry and Peacock

Needles: US 1 and 0 DPNs

Notes: Before I started knitting I never would have considered wearing fingerless gloves.  Now I get it – the point is that you don’t have to make fingers – plus I can play in them (just nothing tremendously hard – church playing is fine.)  I love these gloves!  The colorwork was easy once I got started, and now I’m anxious to make even more fingerless gloves, despite the fact that one of my choir members asked me today why I was wearing socks on my arms.  I told him that we all have to suffer for fashion (or something like that.)  My only disappointment in these is the pooling on the hands, but I can live with it!  I knit the ribbing on size 0s and the colorwork on size 1s, much smaller than the pattern called for (I have teeny tiny wrists.)  They still turned out a little big in the wrist, but that’s ok.  I would highly recommend this pattern to someone just starting color work (like me) because it was easy to remember each row and the floats aren’t too long.  Now it’s on to more color work!