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Knitting without sleeves

It’s been awhile since I knit anything sleeveless, and I had forgotten how quick it can be!  I finished the back of Veste Everest earlier this week and had cast on for the front.  Yesterday I went with Marc to Lexington because he had a scrabble meeting and I wanted to get out of town.  We wandered around UK’s campus for a bit and had dinner, and then while he was playing I knit most of the front (and watched classic Dr. Who – how happy those DVDs make me!)  I finished the straps last night, and this morning I sewed the side seams.

I still need to do the arm and neck edging.  I’m thinking about leaving off the ribbing around the neck, because I think it might be more flattering as a deeper V. Other than that, I nearly have a vest!  I’m already considering what to make next – I have so many nice choices!

My yarn arrived for the Louisa Harding cardigan, in the quickest shipment ever.  I don’t know that it will be next, as I’m trying to get all the really “wintery” sweaters finished first, and I still have at least a few of those in my queue.   Soon though… the impressions yarn is so pretty in person!  And I want to give the transitions gloves a try now – I have the yarn all wound up and everything!  I was amused to read the instructions for the gloves and realize that my arm measures a good inch smaller than their smallest size.  I will try for a slightly smaller gauge I suppose, which is good since I don’t think I own any size 3 dpns anyway!

I have not worked on my current pair of socks, but that’s ok… they will get finished over time, and I don’t stress about socks.  I am halfway finished with my crocheted scarf – it’s taking absolutely forever to finish, but it will be really lovely when it’s finished and blocked!

Today officially marks the end of my holiday break (well, I was never on break from church, but I was from teaching.)  I am not looking forward to going back; I have really been enjoying not having to work nights.  Ah well…

7 thoughts on “Knitting without sleeves

  1. That cardi is the reason I bought Little Luxuries, you have chosen good colours. Who did you use for the yarn? I love DR Who.

  2. You’re fast anyway, I’m not sure it’s the vest. But it looks great, something you can wear over a pretty blouse to make it less inappropriate until it gets warm out.

    I love Louisa Harding. I have several of her things in my to knit queue as an encouragement to get most of my stash out. I think it’s working.

  3. I love the vest – ironically, I just knit my husband a beautiful mock-turtle neck sweater that was all cables in the front. I was so thrilled with how well it fit, etc. that I decided to knit him a cap in the same yarn and matching cables. I found a pattern that I had to adjust slightly, but again it “looked” great. Unfortunately, the band is a little big, but the rest of the hat fits perfectly. Any suggestions on how I can shrink just that part of the hat? I would love your help!

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