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FO: Kitty hat (scroll down for the humiliated cat)

Pattern: Kittyville hat from Stitch n Bitch
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia in Avocado, less than 1 skein

Needles: Takumi bamboo size 8

Notes: My knitting impulses seem to be strong lately.  Last night I thought “Hmm… I’ve never made that kitty hat I wanted to last year.”  Followed by “Man, that Peruvia (from the Tilted duster) is not froggable!”  I combined the two, and now I have a hat that cements my “crazy cat lady” image.  I left off the earflaps, because I don’t care for them, and I decreased more quickly than the pattern called for since Peruvia has a pretty large row gauge.  My ears are done in garter stitch, since I didn’t like how they looked in seed stitch.  It was really hard placing the ears, but I managed!  It’s soft and warm, and I like it quite a bit!

Leon, however, is not amused.  He seems to be convinced that this is some sort of grotesque mockery.

Poor kitty.  He is so mistreated.

I swatched for Veste Everest last night, using some heather green cascade 220 I have in the stash, and I think I will cast on tonight.  Hopefully it will be a quick project, and certainly I could use a vest!  At the same time I’m planning on making the wrap I spoke of yesterday.  I’m wearing my CPH today, and I just love Kathmandu Aran so much that I want to work with it again!

9 thoughts on “FO: Kitty hat (scroll down for the humiliated cat)

  1. I think this must be the time of year for strong knitting impulses. I’ve cast on for projects like mad in these last few weeks!

  2. Is it possible to see a complete picture of the cardigan you are wearing here. I have a strong passion for cardigans and love this kind of button-up hoodie.

    Warm greetings, Cardianne

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