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FO: Swing Scarf (+WIPs “The all teal edition”)

Pattern: Swing Scarf, from Exquisite Little Knits

Yarn: Tilli Thomas Disco Lights in Jade, almost 1 skein

Needles: US 8

Notes:  Honestly, this is so simple you don’t need a pattern.  It probably took about 4 hours to knit over 19 stitches.  It ended up being about 60″ long, including the tassels.  The pattern said to go to 70″, but I know from experience that silk scarves stretch majorly, and indeed this does grow a bit when I wear it.  It has not been blocked, but if it ever is wet I know it will stretch.  The tassels are actually more like fringe – I tried tassels, but as it turns out making tassels with this yarn is not so easy.  It looks fine, and is a bit less fussy this way anyway.   The color is beautiful, and I loved knitting with the yarn.  Unlike some yarns with 2 strands, this yarn showed almost no desire to separate or knit unevenly.  The garter stitch shows off the sequins much better than some of the other stitches I tried.  What more is there to say?  It’s sparkle y, and so I love it!

WIPs (present and future)

Now that I have put the red yarn I was using on hiatus, I am happily working on another pair of socks.  These are the Anastasia socks from Pepperknit and I love them.  They will be my first successful toe up socks, or so I hope!

I’m still working on the cluster stitch scarf as well, and it is slightly slow going because of the clusters, but it won’t take too long.  I did make an interesting discovery – the photo that accompanies the scarf in the book is somewhat… wrong.  Either the pattern has errata, or the sample scarf is incorrect.  Following the pattern gives you straight edges, not wavy ones like in the photo (I have checked Ravelry, and I am not doing anything wrong – the other scarves are the same!)  There is no errata.  It doesn’t really matter to me, since I like the straight edges, although I did have to block the end to make sure it wasn’t going to curl.

I’m planning on starting the Logan River Wrap from the current IK next.  I love the idea of having a tweedy wrap, and it gives me an opportunity to use up some Kathmandu aran.

At least this yarn only has teal flecks, right?  So maybe I have a teal problem.  When we were at the LYS the other day, I instructed Marc to not let me buy any teal, and he happily complied, although he had to remind me at least twice.  I used to not let myself buy green yarn, thinking that I had too much, but as it turns out I have an entirely different problem.  Ah well… at least it looks good with my hair!  There is a really pretty finished version of this wrap on Ravelry, so while I don’t like the magazine photos at all (is it the color or pose?) I am confident that it will be pretty!

I need to choose my next sweater project, but it seems like I have too many choices.  I’m thinking about making a vest – either Veste Everest or the vest I showed a little bit ago from the new Knitsimple (the one with pockets – love the pockets!)  This is mostly because I want a break from knitting sleeves – the endless stockinette on Emily and the Gathered Pullover really took it out of me , and besides, I like vests!

I was thinking of the Colette pullover, but I think I will make the Transitions gloves first for more colorwork practice.  I can knit fair isle two handed, but here is my question for the more experienced – what should I do to make the floats that go in between DPNs more even?  Mine are always odd looking.

7 thoughts on “FO: Swing Scarf (+WIPs “The all teal edition”)

  1. Anastasia is working up beautifully! What yarn are you using?
    Sharon aka another Teal lover.

  2. Finally got a minute to catch up with your blog- you’ve been busy! My father’s a redhead, well, it’s faded to soft gray now, but he has always worn a whole range of colors- pinks, oranges, soft greens and mainly light blue, which looks gorgeous with his red hair- which was very very red, not auburn or strawberry blond, true red like yours. So there are options out there, I secretly think you just love teal 😉

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