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FO: Dublin Bay socks (+ scarves)

Pattern: Dublin Bay

Yarn: Mama Llama Merino Tencel in Fall Leaves

Needles: Knitpicks options metal dpns, size 0

Notes: These socks were a really enjoyable knit.  I recommend the pattern to anyone looking for an easy pattern that isn’t all plain stockinette.  I changed the ribbing to K2P2 because my K1P1 ripping is not so hot looking without a tubular cast on.  I reduced the cast on to 60 stitches and adjusted the pattern accordingly (let me know if anyone needs my numbers!)  The eye of partridge heel is fabulous, and I can imagine I will use it as often as I can! In the end I enjoyed working with the yarn – it’s soft, smooth and shiny.  It doesn’t have any spring to speak of, which is the downside of this yarn.  There were times I wished it had a bit more give, but that’s a minor complaint.  I can’t wait to see how it wears!  It did bleed when I washed them, but I blame that on the tencel, which I have heard does not hold dye as well as some other yarns.

On Scarves:

I love to wear scarves.  Hardly a day goes by that I don’t have something warm wrapped around my neck.  However – both of the scarves I have knit this winter are for other people – the One Row scarf for Marc, and Danica for my sister-in-law (I decided the SWS was too itchy for me – I have a sensitive neck!)  I would like to make a scarf for myself, but I’m a bit lost as to what pattern to use.  I swatched last night for the Drop Stitch scarf in some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sport in Baltic Sea (this has been in my stash forever!)

Hmm… I think maybe this is too muddy looking for the pattern.  I’d like something with more distinct color changes.  It’s a lovely pattern though – I will save it for perhaps some sock yarn!

Here’s a listing of some of (but not all of- I am so embarrassed) the scarves currently in my Ravelry queue


Chevron Scarf

Falling water (pdf)

Tulips (crochet)

Obi Scarf (from “Knitting Classic style)

Drops Design drop stitch scarf

Gigi (from “Romantic Hand Knits”)

Jyri (Norah Gaughan vol 1)

Cream of Spinach scarf

Seaman’s scarf

Gathered scarf

Vertigo scarf

Lana & Clark ascot

Huckleberry Ascot (IK holiday 07)


 Holding Hands Feeding Ducks

Dropped yarnover scarf

9 thoughts on “FO: Dublin Bay socks (+ scarves)

  1. The socks are great! Thanks for the great scarf links.

    I’m currently making the Falling Water Scarf for my Mom for Christmas. The pattern is super easy to memorize, it’s just going to take a while to reach 25 repeats. LOL

  2. I love the eye of partridge heel, it is so unique looking. I think I am about to frog a scarf in favor of the Cream of Spinach scarf. Whichever one you choose, they are all lovely choices.

  3. Hello
    Iam wanting to knit the scarf Huckleberry Ascot unable to find the pattern can you help as the book Interweave Knits Gifts Winter 2007 has been sold out


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