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Oh, the humanity!

Yes, what I wrote yesterday is true… I am allergic to cashmere. I already wasn’t enjoying knitting my cowl, but I found that I was getting the same stuffy head that came with the alpaca problems. I went away for awhile and it got better… knit some more and it came back. So… no more cashmere.

the offending yarn

I suppose this will be good for my budget, yes?

I have been casting around for something else small to work on, thus far with little success. I first tried casting on for the scarf from my Japanese pattern book, but I need to write it out, and I’m not in the mood right now. I tried swatching for the hat I want to make from the Kim Hargreaves collection, but I got irritated with myself for losing yarn overs, so that isn’t going to be worked on yet. I am, in short, a bit frustrated.

I’m going to give the Orchid lace mitts a try, perhaps. I did wind up the yarn.

I am still working on the Dublin bay socks, but they are nearly done. I wound up the yarn for my next socks, which I’m thinking will be the Leyburn Socks (link is a pdf file!) I think they will look really pretty in this yarn.

Colorway: Figgy Pudding by Crazy4dyeing on Etsy

I’m still working on the Gathered pullover. It looks tiny to me, but it is measuring what it’s supposed to. I’m at 7.5″ out of 8 before the motif, but I will give it an extra inch – the rolling hem really eats at the length.

Yes… it’s a big blob of teal right now, and not so exciting to look at. It’s also really hard to photograph – it is less blue than in this photo, but saturated colors are so hard!

Ah well… it’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for work and rehearsal – and I am running late!

6 thoughts on “Oh, the humanity!

  1. Too bad about the cashmere! Can you tolerate it in small amounts? Like when it’s combined with a wool? It will at least save your bank account a bit!

  2. You’re allergic to alpaca AND cashmere?! That’s just unfair. One or the other, okay. But both? That’s like some sort of horrible cosmic joke! (On the other hand, if you have any alpaca and/or cashmere you’d like to get rid of, I’m not allergic to either of them…)

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