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The smalls

Thank you all for the comments on my Emily sweater and ripple scarf – as usual, I am behind in my replies, but know that I truly appreciate the feedback!

I’m so scattered at this time of year, as I get my choirs ready for the upcoming holidays.  This is my first year as director of the program, and I really want things to go well… but of course not everything is under my control, so I am stressed.  This is leading to me dreaming about a million small knitting projects – I just can’t seem to focus too much on any one thing!  I have been working on the Gathered Pull0ver, and it does go quickly, but I have been unable to stop myself from dreaming about, or even casting on for new projects (very unlike me!)

I am nearly finished at last with the One Row scarf, and my second Dublin Bay sock is past the heel (meaning, since it’s stockinette, that I could finish it tonight if I wanted to.)  I cast on for the Purl cashmere cowl several times – first with a 16″ circular (Oh, how I hate these!) and then with some bamboo dpns.  The only larger dpns I can seem to find are the clover ones and the brittany birch, neither of which I like at all – they are way too “grabby” for someone who prefers metal needles.  Is there some secret I’m missing?  What do you all use for knitting hats and sleeves?  Because I really hate knitting with these, and am even considering switching to magic loop.

The color is lovely though, if I can just get them onto tolerable needles (and yes, it is a bit folded up – still, I hope it’s big enough!)
I also decided on my next project from the Kim Hargreaves book.

This is Bonnie, a slouchy lacy hat.  It caught my attention for two reasons – 1, it is knit in bamboo soft, which I wanted to try, and 2: it isn’t knit in the round.  I will start this as well, as soon as I finish at least one of the older projects.  There is a really cute finished one already on ravelry, if you are there!

9 thoughts on “The smalls

  1. Bonnie looks cute. I usually knit everything that is round with magic loop. I almost never touch dpns unless I am getting on a plane. Then I only have to make sure I have long enough addi turbos to magic loop anything.

  2. ooh, bonnie looks like a cute pattern!

    i always use 16″ circulars for hats, then switch to magic loop or bamboo dpns for crown decreases. for sleeves, i always use magic loop now. i’ve always had a hard time finding larger dpns that aren’t bamboo too, it’s strange.

  3. Have you tried the Crystal Palace dpn’s. I’m using a small set for a pair of scks right now and found them to be a bit slicker and smoother than my Brittany set. I have also used two circulars for hats and socks.

    Good luck with the choirs. I’m sure it will all go well, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. I have a few sets of metal DPNs that my grandmother gifted me. If you watch yard sales during the summer you can sometimes find some old Susan Bates that are great~ they just usually come in sets of 4 rather than 5, and I rarely enjoy using 4.

  5. I knit everything I can using two Addi turbos. One if it is straight stitching. Kids like to pull out needles so it’s a quick save on those. If I was doing a hat I would use two circs and treat it like a really fat sock 😉

  6. I’ve enjoyed the Knitpicks metal and Harmony series dpns even tho I love magic loop for socks. They are very affordable too. Love your pattern selections!

  7. If I have to knit with dpns, I generally use short bamboo ones. I don’t like metal dpns because they tend to be heavy, which pulls on the work while I’m knitting it, and because they’re slippery, they also slip out at inconvenient times. The bamboo ones are the least of the evils.

  8. Good luck with your choirs! I used to love performing in choirs, especially for the holiday season, but I never understood why the directors were so stressed. Now I kinda get it. 🙂 I’m sure it will all come together beautifully for you!

  9. When I’m knitting small diameter stuff, I use my Knit Picks Options with the two circulars method–not as prickly as DPNs, but not as fussy as magic loop.

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