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The smalls

Thank you all for the comments on my Emily sweater and ripple scarf – as usual, I am behind in my replies, but know that I truly appreciate the feedback!

I’m so scattered at this time of year, as I get my choirs ready for the upcoming holidays.  This is my first year as director of the program, and I really want things to go well… but of course not everything is under my control, so I am stressed.  This is leading to me dreaming about a million small knitting projects – I just can’t seem to focus too much on any one thing!  I have been working on the Gathered Pull0ver, and it does go quickly, but I have been unable to stop myself from dreaming about, or even casting on for new projects (very unlike me!)

I am nearly finished at last with the One Row scarf, and my second Dublin Bay sock is past the heel (meaning, since it’s stockinette, that I could finish it tonight if I wanted to.)  I cast on for the Purl cashmere cowl several times – first with a 16″ circular (Oh, how I hate these!) and then with some bamboo dpns.  The only larger dpns I can seem to find are the clover ones and the brittany birch, neither of which I like at all – they are way too “grabby” for someone who prefers metal needles.  Is there some secret I’m missing?  What do you all use for knitting hats and sleeves?  Because I really hate knitting with these, and am even considering switching to magic loop.

The color is lovely though, if I can just get them onto tolerable needles (and yes, it is a bit folded up – still, I hope it’s big enough!)
I also decided on my next project from the Kim Hargreaves book.

This is Bonnie, a slouchy lacy hat.  It caught my attention for two reasons – 1, it is knit in bamboo soft, which I wanted to try, and 2: it isn’t knit in the round.  I will start this as well, as soon as I finish at least one of the older projects.  There is a really cute finished one already on ravelry, if you are there!