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FO: Emily

Pattern: Emily by Kim Hargreaves, from The Dark House Collection available on her website.

Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted (wool/silk) in Blue Velvet, 5 skeins for the 32″ size
Needles: US 6 for body, 7 and 5 for edgings

Mods: I picked up stitches for the neckline and did 2×2 ribbing, rather than making garter ribbing and sewing it on separately.  I think it worked out just fine.  My row gauge was different, so my neck is slightly less low than it’s meant to be – but I prefer this.  I like having at least one handknit that doesn’t require a tank underneath!

Notes:  In the end, in spite of all my cursing the endless stockinette, I love this sweater.  I love the slouchy sleeves and the u-neck.  I love the color.  I love the yarn.  A few things to consider if you make this sweater:  Choose a yarn that will have a nice drape.  Silk blends or mohair/angora blends would be nice choices.  If you are making it from a yarn that tends to stretch, consider making the sleeves an inch or so shorter – mine are ok, but I would have made them a little shorter and they would be fine.  I found the directions for the U-neck to be confusing – too much “At the same time” going on, and I finally had to chart them out – but the effect is lovely, and so much nicer than a plain scoop neck.  I’m not really thrilled with my seaming in garter stitch – because it’s a sort of ribbing, neither garter or mattress seaming seemed to work well.  But then again – I’m the only one staring at that, so I will let it go!  The schematics in the pattern aren’t the best I’ve ever seen – it’s unclear what some of the measurements are for etc… but I trusted in the pattern, and in the end it all turned out just fine.  I can see myself making more patterns from this lovely book!