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Emily is finished, with no yarn to spare!  During seaming I found a few mistakes – it would seem that somehow I knit an extra garter ridge in the lower edging on one side.  But I don’t care.  Because this sweater is finally finished, and I will not have it hanging over my head any longer.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely and looks great on (modeled photos as soon as I can get Marc home during daylight hours!) but it was such a slog to knit.  How much of a slog?  It took me about the same amount of time it took to knit as Thermal… a sweater that was made with fingering weight yarn in an allover stitch pattern.  I don’t usually have a hate on for stockinette, so I don’t know what the deal was…

Final details when I have photos!

Now I can go dream about what will come next, and knit Marc’s scarf.  It is time for that piece to be finished, or he will have a cold neck all winter (we have only now reached what he would call scarf weather.)

10 thoughts on “Soon…

  1. Beautiful! And that’s quite the minor error. You’ll really have to hunt to find it in a few months. I can’t wait to see the modeled shot. And BTW, Scrabble tournament??? Awesome. My husband and I are Scrabble addicts. Have you seen Word Wars? It’s a funny movie, if a bit weird.

  2. I just love the color you chose to knit Emily in. The detail on the edges really adds a nice touch. I can’t wait to see you model it for us.

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