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Wintery blah

The Emily pullover is seriously going on forever.  I did finish the sleeve and attatched the cuff, and I’m happy with how it looks now – I’m only a bit worried that the sleeve may be a little long.  We will see, as I will sew the first one in before I knit the second.  I’m working on the front now, and I’ve just split for the neck.

I’m starting to get seriously worried about the amount of yarn I have left.  Ordinarily, I’m the sort who will buy an extra ball every time, but since this yarn has giant skeins I didn’t want to buy an extra.  It’s going to be close – keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also… this pattern calls for knitting the neckline edging (plain ribbing, no shaping) separately and then sewing it on.  Can anyone give me a compelling reason why I can’t just pick up stitches and knit it onto the sweater?  Seriously… I hate sewing on edgings.  The directions say to “pin and steam” half the edging into a u-shape before seaming.  I just don’t know… will it really make a difference?

I did finish one of my dublin bay socks, and I am happy with how it turned out.

I love the idea of socks that are stockinette with some sort of lacy panel for variegated yarns.  I’m looking for similar patterns if anyone knows of any!

I’m feeling pretty blah about things right now.  Emily is just not thrilling me, which is funny since I usually don’t mind stockinette.  I think it’s the enormous sleeves that are killing my mojo, although they are, I will admit, really cute when assembled.  I am so ready for some new sweater projects, but I am not letting myself start anything until Emily is finished… otherwise it will never be done.  I have so many great projects lined up!

I really love Oblique from the current Knitty, although I personally think the smallest size would be large on me when combined with the slouchy sleeves.  I’m considering knitting it at a tighter gauge.  I think it would be cute knit to my exact bust size, but not with 2+ inches of positive ease.

Yarn for that project is one of the things I will be looking for in Indianapolis this weekend.  I’m planning to visit at least 2 shops, maybe 3 if there is time, while Marc is at his tournament.  I’m looking forward to getting out of town, which I feel like I rarely get to do since my weekends do not coincide with anyone else’s!

12 thoughts on “Wintery blah

  1. The neckline edging is ribbed in garter stitch so it would not be possible to pick the stitches up. If you would want to pick up you have to change to 2/2 ribbing instead 🙂

  2. Sock is gorgeous.
    As for Oblique, I love it too, but I’m worried that it will hang on me like my grandma’s housecoat, so to speak. I have to do some math and come up with something, as I’m itching to knit Oblique. I have a slew of long coat-ish sweaters in the queue this time of year.

  3. May I say thank you knitting Emily and giving me all these hints on how its going?! I bought the kit from the KH website and haven’t started yet, but I already know I want to make the sleeves smaller, and change the nexk edge to 2×2 rib so I can pick up stitches….. Soooo grateful that you are a frontrunner! 🙂
    Love the socks, too.

  4. I would change the ribbing and pick up, it if were me. I can’t see sewing on a mile of edging.

    I agree with you (and the others) about Oblique. It’s lovely buttoned, but I don’t care for the gapping-open look. Too floppy for me.

  5. I’m with you on oblique, I’ll be watching with great interest if you change the gauge & knit it up like that. I think the fashion shift towards baggy isn’t the best for petite people, I always feel like I get lost in big things like that.

  6. Nice sock! Can’t wait to see what you do with Oblique. I liked the pattern, but I don’t think it’s right for my figure as written. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  7. hi green apples,
    you are just too cute and your projects all turn out so nice! just wondering, do you know where i can buy the kim hargreaves new book you reviewed? thanks!
    karen (msblondie)

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