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I love books!

My Japanese knitting books came in today (wow, such fast shipping!) and I am very happy with them. I’ll post pictures of the insides of each, along with the ISBN, should anyone be looking on Amazon Japan or some such site for them.

Ondori book, part of the I love Knit series (or so it appears… I do not read Japanese.)

ISBN: 9784277172226

Notes: Contains around 21 patterns. They are pretty easily split between knit and crochet, with some patterns containing elements of both. This is something I noticed about all the books – there doesn’t appear to be such a great divide between the crafts. All the projects in this book are accessories, and I must say that this is my favorite book of the group. The patterns aren’t the most complex in the world, but they are all stylish, and they aren’t easy knits in bulky yarn either. I also think the photography is quite nice. Here are photos of my favorites:

Let’s Knit Series, Spring & Summer 2006

ISBN: 9784529042123

Notes: This book contains 42 designs. Once again, both knitting and crochet are represented, with perhaps a few more knit. Almost all the designs are sweaters. As with all Japanese books, they only contain charts for one size – usually a 34-36 – and you have to make changes for your own size. This book contains some really nice lacy sweaters (including several I forgot to photograph.) The diagrams seem clear to me, although I suppose we will see about that! I’m glad to see some nice summer sweaters, as I have trouble finding short sleeve designs that I care to knit.

Keito Dama, Winter 2007

ISBN: 9784529044974

Notes: Wow, there are some lovely sweaters in here! I apologize for the subpar photos, but as I have said, light is in short supply here lately! I count at least 57 patterns in this book, and most are knit, although there is quite a bit of crochet. There are patterns for clothes, accessories, and a few toys. The sweaters are very detailed and beautiful. My favorite is still the green sweater I posted earlier – I couldn’t get another decent photo of it, as the light ran away!

10 thoughts on “I love books!

  1. Those look so nice. I have some Japanese patchwork books and I love them too. Their sense of style is so unique and refined. I would be interested in hearing about how you dealt with the instructions. I presume that, just like the sewing books, they use lots of graphics. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the review of these. I have looked at some but the sizes put me of being on the smaller size. I think accesories are the way to start for me with the Japanese books. I do lik etheir style.

  3. Thanks for posting the reviews! I have not been aware of the high quality of Japanese knitting books. For a size S like me there seem to be a lot of great, feminine patterns to look at.

  4. Those are wonderful! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to order on Japanese Amazon from America. When I have tried to order from Japanese sites in the past, i couldn’t find knitting books because I couldn’t understand how to search for them, the site didn’t have photos, and/or I didn’t know how to do the money thing because it was in Japanese…. Can you tell me how you navigated these issues??? Those are some the prettiest sweater patterns I’ve seen!

  5. I really love the sweater in the very last picture. It seems to have some of the elements of that Pringle sweater (that’s being knocked off by almost every yarn company) but in a more flattering shape (for me at least).

  6. It isn’t so strange that they have knit and crochet in the same book. I Japanese they use just one word for knit and crochet あむ(amu). I actually translates as to braid 🙂 It is the same word that the japanese use when talking about braiding ones hair 🙂 If you want to be very spesific about what you do you have to say “braiding with one needle” and “braiding with two needles”. So when they have only the one word for the two crafts it becomes like you say not such a big divide 🙂 It’s fun how shocked the Japanese are when you explaine to them that it is considered two diffrent crafts in Europa and North America 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing photos from your japanese books. I just got into buying japanese knitting books. I also just bought the Keito Dama issue you have. It has so many great patterns!

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