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On the sidelines

I wasn’t able to do any knitting yesterday, because I woke up with a very sore right wrist.

bad hand!

I have tendonitis (going on 8 years now), and occasionally it flares up – most like this time because I played an entire recital and three masses this weekend, plus whatever knitting time I threw in there.  I used my heating pad and occasionally my brace, and this morning the pain is gone – yay!  If it was going to act up, I’m very glad that it happened early in the week, and not Thursday and Friday when I will be stuck at the in-laws (they’re lovely people, but they go to bed really early, which I (the insomniac) have a lot of trouble with.  I will have to play for an hour and a half tonight, but they’re just lessons, so I can get away with using mostly my left hand… and then I won’t have to play again until Saturday.  It should be plenty of time to heal!

I live in fear of arthritis or carpal tunel… and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I thought that since I couldn’t knit yesterday, it might be a nice time to finally drop the stitches on my Clapotis.  Umm… not so much.  I did two, but I still have 15 left.  I had forgotten how annoying it is to have to pick them apart… but more annoying is the fact that it’s finished but not wearable yet, so I suppose I will need to get on that!

Maybe tonight… I think I’ll give my hand another day before I try to knit at all.  I don’t want it to get worse again!

I’m doing a lot (for me) of traveling in the next few weeks, which of course means I will get to visit some new yarn stores!  We will go to Cincinnati this week for Thanksgiving, and I will go to my favorite store in the area, Knit on, which is in Bellevue.  It’s very near where Marc’s Grandpa lives, so it is convenient.  Last year I bought some Bearfoot sock yarn, which I have yet to knit, but I am working on it!

Then the next weekend we are going to Indianapolis.  I lived in Indy for 6 months about 6 years ago, but I wasn’t knitting then.  I’ve gotten some great suggestions, and I know where I will be when Marc is at his Scrabble tournament!

Lastly, I will distract you with recently purchased yarn.

Classic Elite 150, purchased for the henley in the current IK.  I’m not so sure on the color, so I don’t know if I’m keeping it yet – what do you think?