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I’ve finished the back of Emily and it’s already blocked.

This is finally an accurate picture of the color!  I love the Venezia Worsted, and it became a very different fabric when blocked – more drapey and light, which is exactly what this sweater needs!  The eyelets also opened up, which I was a bit worried about.  I’ve started a sleeve.  Since this sweater has full sleeves, the cast on for the sleeve is actually 2 stitches larger than for the back!  It does get decreased down quite a bit, but it isn’t going to be quick!

I’ve been admiring photos from Japanese Knitting magazines for quite awhile, and I was feeling grumpy last night (did I mention that we have not had hot water for a week?  It seems the part will never come in…) so I ordered 3 books for myself from SaucyLouise,  1 spring’/summer, 1 autumn/winter, and one accessories book.  I hope I’m able to figure them out!   Here are a few pictures I found around of what I ordered, but I will post reviews whenever they come in!