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In with the new

 While I’m waiting on my dinner (soup) to cook, I thought I would have a little update on what’s up around here!

Clapotis is finished, but no photos yet – I’m trying to finish dropping all those stitches.  Karaoke looks pretty in the pattern, but oh boy is it ever sticky!  But that has freed me up to begin a new large project.  I thought about starting the Drops Swing jacket, but I find myself feeling very unenthused about the project – really, I think the reason I haven’t started is that I don’t know about the silhouette on me.  I like A-line and all, but I fear looking swallowed by the coat.  But I do like the Taconic Pullover from Valley Yarns, which is written for the Williamstown.  So I will maybe reserve my yarn for that.

In the meantime, I have begun Emily, from Kim Hargreaves’ new book.


The color is more true in the first photo.  It is a very saturated color, but not bright the way it looks in the 2nd photo.  I’m using Cascade Venezia Worsted, a wool/silky blend that has a really lovely feel to it.  This is the back, and there are eyelet rows, although they aren’t so apparent here… I trust they will block wider.  The pattern is lovely, although I did find an error… in the schematic drawing it lists 15″ as the total length of the sweater, but it’s the length to the armholes (thank goodness – I was trying to work out how a sweater could be that short!)  Mine will look quite different from the model, but neutral beige is not my thing.  I love my deep colors!

I’m working hard to finish up my second Lozenge sock – I am past the gusset, so if I am lucky it will be finished by tomorrow.  Does anyone have any advice for me about a sock problem?  My picked up stitches at the gusset always look all elongated on one side.  I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

I want to finish it so that I can cast on for another pair of socks – Dublin Bay socks in Merino/tencel by Mama Llama in the Fall Leaves colorway.

I like the idea of making socks for holidays, so these will be my “Thanksgiving” socks, although I doubt they will be done by then.  Ah well – it counts if they are worked on during Thanksgiving!  I love the color, and I’m anxious to try a merino/tencel sock yarn, as there are several I’m dying to try out, and my love for tencel is well documented.

I’m going to swatch for the endpaper mitts soon too.  I already learned the tubular cast on , which wasn’t as fiddly as I feared (I learned the regular one, not the fancy one called for in the pattern.)  I’m excited to learn color work, as I’ve really been enamored by several color work patterns of late… notably the Colette pullover from the current IK (love the kitty cats) and the Ivy League vest from the same.

12 thoughts on “In with the new

  1. When I pick up stitches for my heel flap I always knit through the back loop on the first row. This twisting of the stitches takes up some of the slack. I hope it’ll work for you as well! The colorway you’re using for the lozenge socks is absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m a fan of the Drops swing jacket, but I think the Taconic pullover would suit you more. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Emily is such a cute pattern and you’ve picked such a nice color for it; can’t wait to see it knitted up! Gorgeous yarn for your Thanksgiving socks too!

  3. Emily looks like it will be great on you. I will definitely have to get that book! I know what you mean about the swing coats being overpowering too!

  4. I love that shade of blue. I ordered a little extra Pumpkin for my Thermal and a skein of Serengeti so I can use the leftovers from Thermal for Endpaper Mitts. I love the traditional tubular CO and don’t find it too fiddly. It creates such a nice edge.

  5. I found your site through a friend, and have to say your gorgeous Thermal prompted me to buy the yarn instantly! Can’t wait until it arrives to cast on.

    The Taconic pullover is really lovely and I think it would suit you. Great pick with Emily, too–you’re just a wealth of great sweater ideas, over here!

  6. When you pick up the stitches, are you making sure that you’re putting your needle under *both* strands of yarn? There should be one obvious one on the outside, and one more hidden one on the inside.

  7. I like that Valley Yarns pattern,too. I picked up a bag of Williamstown in red at Stitches and was thinking of making the Drops Jacket, but I agree – it might be too swingy. Not sure if it will be flattering on me either.

    What do you think of the Kim Hargreaves’ book? Is it worth a spot in a knitter’s library?

  8. That blue is gorgeous! I’ve got to pick up that book, there are so many beautiful designs in it.

    Also, I love the same two patterns from IK that you do! I waffled the tiniest bit on Collette when I saw the cat heads (not a big themed clothing fan in general, or a cat fan in particular), but I think they’re subtle enough that it wouldn’t drive me nuts. And the sweater just looks so cozy and perfect for cold days!

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