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Back to life…

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on Thermal!  I am about halfway done responding to them, and hopefully I will get there!  I find I am reaching the point where I can wear something hand knitted every day, which I find very exciting!  Yesterday I wore the tree jacket, and today I am wearing hand knit socks and a scarf!

Speaking of socks… I went ahead and finished up the first of the Lozenge socks.


I think this is the first sock I’ve ever knit that actually needed blocking.  Since I sized these down from a man’s size to 60 stitches, I also had to rework the heel and toe.  I used the round heel/wide toe combo called for in the book.  One thing I really like about Nancy Bush’s book is the way it gives you instructions in the front for all the heels and toes, so if you need to change the size it is very easy.  I was convinced the toe was wrong the entire time, but as it turns out it is correct, it just is very different from any toes I have done before.  It’s a tad pointy, but that may be my fault.  This pattern is super easy, and really fast if you aren’t knitting a fingering weight sweater and a clapotis at the same time.  I have cast on for the second, and will try very hard to finish it this week – I want to cast on for some Thanksgiving socks, probably in the Dublin Bay (warning: opens PDF file) pattern.

Speaking of Clapotis, I am very nearly finished.  I’m in the decrease section, and hopefully I will be finished in the next day or two.  I will have to unpick about half the drop sections, as I am very lazy about doing that!  I am a little worried about the weakness of this yarn (it is a single ply) in relation to this pattern… I will have to be careful not to catch it on anything!

This week I received some yarn I ordered from Wollmeise (yes, I have to be like everyone else!)

To the left is Kurbis, and on the right is Poison #5.  Both are in the dark versions of their colorway.  She also sent a sample skein of worsted weight Spice market, which is lovely.  Both of these yarns are lovely and very soft, and the skeins are massive – over 500 yards each!  Kurbis will become a pair of “Gentleman’s fancy socks” sized down for me, and I’m thinking Poison would make lovely “Evening Stockings for a young lady,” also from Knitting Vintage socks.  I am totally in love with Nancy Bush patterns now, and I think I “need” her other sock books.  I’m actually a tad disappointed that Poison is so dark – it did not look that dark on the website – but that is the nature of handpainted yarn.  It will make lovely lacy socks perhaps, but not right now… I have many socks to knit first, and there are other things to think about!

Like these…

Transition gloves from Shibuiknits.  I think these are just gorgeous, and while I’m not exactly ready to make them, I have added them to the “someday maybe” queue.

And my personal favorite name for a sock pattern… S(p)ocks by Wendy Knits.  You know I have to knit those, right?

As soon as Clapotis is finished I can begin another sweater… I am thinking it will be either the Drops jacket or Emily from the new Kim Hargreaves book.  Either way, it’s going to be worsted weight – I am not up to another fingering weight sweater at the moment, or even sport weight.  I need a quickly finished sweater, and then I can think about other weights.  My queue is totally ridiculous right now… if you’re on Ravelry take a gander (I’m Stitchywitch there too!) It’s like 5 pages long, although I need to take a few out. Ah well… I like to have choices!

11 thoughts on “Back to life…

  1. I love the Ravelry queue! Such an indispensable feature. I love your happy green socks, I think the lozenge pattern looks great for socks. Those Shibui knits are amazing, too bad I don’t think I would ever wear anything short enough to show off the amazing colorwork. Otherwise I’d probably knit them!

  2. I can’t wait until I am almost wearing something I knitted up everyday and folks can’t tell I did it! :op

    The color on your lozenge socks are just wonderful!

    Yes, our “want to knit somebody” ques always get longer and longer! Haha!

    I am so adding you as a friend over on Ravelry-ville! :oD

  3. Ahh those transition gloves are lovely! And I think I’m going to need to try Lozenge. That sock looks lovely. Enjoy the yarn.

    oh and I’m on ravelry too! So exciting! i’m burnt3rain. maybe I’ll see you around 🙂

  4. Lovely sock – in a perfect green color! (Not to mention your Thermal! What a great take on that pattern, I really love your version – way to make it perfect for you!)

    And thanks for sharing those ShiBui mitts – gorgeous. I’m obsessed with making mitts right now – which is to say that I can’t even get started because I can’t make a decision. Oh that queu, it is getting dangerously long!

  5. Yay for daily handknits! It will be forever before I get to that point.
    How gorgeous are the transition mitts! Need to have a closer look at the pattern.
    My ravelry queue got ridiculous too, and I moved a lot of things to faves.
    Beautiful green socks!

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