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FO: Thermal

Pattern: Thermal from Knitty

Yarn: Knitpicks gloss in Pumpkin, 6.5 skeins

Needles: 2.5 mm… US 1s?

Today I had one of those days.  You know what I mean: the kind of day where the stars seem to be aligned perfectly for you to run into everyone you used to know.  Old crush? Check.  Mom of friend? Check.  Old friend who hasn’t seen me in 8 years? Check (x3.)  And you know what?  The entire time I was running into these people, I never once thought “Please God, don’t let them notice I made my sweater.”

.No… Thermal passed the “proud to be wearing my hand-knit sweater” test with flying colors.  In fact… I will even say that I am far more fond of Thermal than I ever thought I would be.  When I first came upon the sweater in Knitty, I never thought I would make one.  The fit did not appeal to me, nor the idea of making a sweater in fingering weight yarn in the round.  So there was my first mod…

I knit the sweater entirely flat and seamed at the end.  I am very happy with that decision, which kept me sane with the tiny yarn.  I added a stitch in stockinette, although I still can’t say it was fun to seam.  I do think that the seams are keeping the yarn from stretching terribly – I’ve been wearing it since 7 am, and no problems so far.  It did grow a bunch when I washed it (and I mean a lot), but the good news is that it is pretty pliable – when the sleeves were initially too long I reblocked them, and now they are perfect.  I had initially planned 3/4 length sleeves, but I decided it would be more wearable with long sleeves.  And, you will notice there are no buttons.  Although I initially planned some, and even sewed one on, I didn’t care for how it looked when buttoned.  I think I prefer the split neck.

And you all were right… I love the color.  And looking at these photos… I need a haircut.  Man, my hair is long!  And I look very chipper for 7:30 am, when these photos were taken.