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Book Review: Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection

Today I have a little review of Kim Hargreaves’ long awaited new pattern collection.  But first, a quick progress report!  I’ve been knitting pretty exclusively on Thermal, with the result that I have finished the body and one sleeve.  I took a little break yesterday and today, because one of the tendons in my left hand was feeling odd, and besides I had to play the piano a whole lot this weekend, but I think I’m better now, so hopefully a completed Thermal is in the near future!  I took a photo, but it was awfully dark outside, so I’m pretty sure there’s no need to see it.  I’m hopeful that it will fit.  I think i was correct to knit the body too small, because Gloss stretches like mad when it is washed!  Now on to my review…

Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection by Kim Hargreaves

Every time I bring up Kim Hargreaves on the blog I get the same response: Rowan hasn’t been the same since she left.  I completely agree with that sentiment, as I find myself with little desire to own any Rowan books after she ended her long tenure there.  Kim has the unique ability to create designs that echo current trends while remaining timeless.  Her designs have a lady-like, feminine feel, and as a (hopefully) ladylike, feminine person they appeal to me tremendously.

This book contains over 20 of her designs, and is a nice mix of accessories and sweaters.  I’m pretty sure that some are designs that have previously been available in kit form, while others are new to this collection.  The beret above, which fits in well with the current slouchy beret trend, is crocheted with kidsilk haze and kid classic held together, and has a lovely beaded band. There are several lovely scarves as well, although I am unlikely to make them (I have enough in the queue!) but what really draws us all in, of course, are the sweaters.

I will make a brief note of all the unnecessary belting going on here.  It’s especially odd on the kimono styled sweater, which actually has a knitted belt, which is shown in one photo.  But never you mind – these garments all have shaping, so I know they aren’t being belted to hide something.  My favorite is the firstphoto – I love the detailing around the hem, the u-neck, and the lovely gathered sleeves.  The last sweater is made of Calmer, and I am excited at the prospect of making a cabled sweater from calmer, as I have heard so many nice things about the yarn!  Two sweaters are knitted in Bamboo soft, to lovely effect, and the chunky sweater is made of Rowan’s new Cocoon yarn – as an aside, I like this sweater better than most of the designs in the new Rowan Mag for this yarn.

Most pattern sizes begin with a 32″ bust, which makes me happy.  Sizing and schematics are standard Rowan ones – ok, but not great.  I wish that some of the patterns had more measurements listed.  In this case, I’m willing to trust that things will come out all right, but this would be a negative from an unfamiliar designer.

I am terribly excited about this book, and I hope that it sells well, so that she can release more books in the future.   It was rather expensive to ship to the US, with the not so good exchange rate, but in my mind it was very worth it – I know I will make at least 4 designs, and maybe more.  I highly recommend the purchase if you love classic (but not boring) feminine styles.

20 thoughts on “Book Review: Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection

  1. Thanks for the review. The patterns really do look lovely. Perhaps, I’ll have to splurge too! I can’t wait to see your Thermal. Also, I enjoyed the podcast, I finally had a chance to listen to it.

  2. Oh, I love every bit of this book. I just received my copy today, I glad I did even though my currency to British pounds very expensive abt 7x = 1pound.

  3. I’ve been wondering about this book since you first posted about it. Thanks for doing a review, it’s definitely on my to-buy list now! 🙂

  4. I loved a a few of the patterns too, but the price just totally put me off. It’s funny how even though I’ve heard every knitter under the sun sigh about wanting to buy individual patterns online, but it’s still not prevalent with the major designers.

  5. I bought this book last week (though it hasn’t arrived yet) and I’m so excited to get mine! I also bought the kit for the first sweater you show – its absolutely perfect (IMO) {{sigh}}. I agree with you about KH’s patterns being timeless. I can see these designs in different yarns and with minor alterations still coming out beautifully in many incarnations…

    People have told me that her things come perfecly packaged with tissue and ribbons. Is this true?

  6. Belted sweaters creep me out to the point of making it impossible for me to concentrate on the knitting. But I see 1 or 2 pieces I’d probably knit, plus one I’d probably knit for my mother. What’s the largest bust size covered?

  7. I’ve been eyeing this book, and I think it’s worth breaking down and getting it. The patterns are so lovely–timeless, elegant, and delicate. Thanks for your review.

  8. I already have mine: it only took 3 days to get to Australia. It’s gorgeous, a wonderful selection of just what makes her style.

  9. This book is definitely worth it. although I will probably make only a couple of sweaters from this book before my eye wanders….I could make all of them

  10. I have ordered a couple of kits from her before (she had a “free shipping” treat for her first anniversary with the website … I noticed she did not repeat that last year!) and they do come beautifully packaged and they come quite quickly as well. With shipping, it is expensive, but I splurged on the book and a kit from her Thrown Together collection (the short sleeved one with the ruffles, I could not resist). I got the book in a few days time and now I await the kit (although it will go after a few other items I want to knit first!)…too much to knit with too little time!

  11. Hello. From you review, it sounds like this book includes the “Kimono Styled Sweater” by Sarah Barbour that used to be for sale on KnitPicks. Is that correct? Since they’re not selling the pattern anymore I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

  12. In response to commenter 18:

    This book only includes designs by Kim Hargreaves, who is a designer formerly employed by Rowan who is now publishing her very own patterns. No patterns called “kimono styled sweater” in it, and no patterns by Sarah Barbour.

  13. I wanted to note that when I purchased mine it came with a loose page of pattern corrections. I think I’ve also found a few additional errors on my own.

    I can send them if you do not already have.

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