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I’m on a podcast!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the Inspirational Wednesday podcast, and now my interview is up! You can download it from the website I linked to, or through Itunes. Thanks so much to Toya – she was so easy to talk to that I didn’t have a chance to be nervous! So if you’ve always wondered how I sound… wonder no more! It’s funny, because I’m used to hearing my singing voice recorded, but it’s been forever since I heard my speaking voice… and now I understand why I am constantly being asked if I am from Minnesota or Canada or something. That’s what happens when you work so hard to get the southern out I suppose!

Kim Hargreaves’ new book, which I mention in the podcast, has been released on her website.  I have, of course, ordered it.  I love Faith, Emily, Gem, Amory, Dusk, and Elizabeth, and I may even like some of the others one I see them larger!  So yeah, it’s expensive, but I figure I can economize on some of the yarns, right?  It’s a lovely collection, although I do find the black items hard to make out.

I’m still sick, and I’m still knitting, but nothing is finished yet – I hope soon for Clapotis, or at least a finished sock! I have finished the first sleeve of Thermal, meaning I’m halfway there! So I’ve got nothing… but I will show you this print that I bought off of Etsy. I give you… Catzilla!

Purchased from Cranky Cats on Etsy, if you love cats as much as I do I recommend her shop… some of her prints are just adorable!

11 thoughts on “I’m on a podcast!

  1. Hi!
    I have found your blog … I love it!
    I also knit, not so good as you 😀 I’m a beginner.
    Happy halloween,
    Roma, ITA

  2. Catzilla! I love it. I’m totally addicted to Etsy, I spend waaaay too much time lurking on it and buying things with only a couple of clicks…..

  3. I love the book too but the patterns aren’t included! What good is the book without the patterns, I don’t get it. I am working on a kit of hers called Heather that I’m loving but it was darned expensive! I love her designs but I can’t pay that much on a regular basis. Let us know how you like the book!

  4. I just checked out the book–it’s awesome. I don’t understand Katie’s comment. As I understand it, the patterns are in the book, but are not included in the kits (so you have to buy the book even if you buy a kit). Am I not understanding this? I want to order the book, so if I’m wrong, I need to know!

  5. Yeah – I couldn’t resist the book and I bought it as well. I think the reader above got it mixed up – the kits that support the book don’t have the patterns included – they want you to buy the book to get the patterns – the kits must only have the yarn. The wording is funny on the site – I had to read it a couple of times to get it.

    I’m with you, I can probably get the yarn cheaper, so I’ll spend the $$ on the book with the patterns and worry about the yarn later!

  6. Congrats on the podcast. i haven’t listened to it yet, but I will shortly. And, thanks for the heads up on the book – I really like most of the desgins. Hope you’re feeling better.

  7. Ok I’m an idiot but I’m relieved that Kim Hargreaves would not release a book of designs with no patterns! Who’s going to actually buy the kits though when you can usually get the same yarns cheaper in the U.S. or substitute other yarns. Thanks for the clarification. Katie

  8. Tee hee – catzilla. Congratulations on the pocast. Hope you are feeling better soon (that is an intimidatingly large collection of guage swatches you’ve got in the queue)

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